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Did They Have Better Sex In the Past Than Now?

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In an interview I did recently with HealthnewsNG, they asked, "Which generation had the best sex life - ours or our forefathers? Why is this so?" My answer was; "I wasn't there at the time of our fore-fathers so I couldn't really say. But the fattening rooms of time past is also said to be venues to teach young women how they can enjoy sex with their husbands so they probably had it good."

I may be right or I could be completely wrong. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Other issues covered in the interview include the following;

On the recent ban placed on homosexuality in Nigeria by federal lawmakers, she said gays have been in Africa for long and the passage of the law wasn't a consensus reached by all Nigerians.

"It refers to a few influential people using their positions to try to force the rest of us to do what they like. NOT what the law says, nor what the tradition shows. There have been gay people in Africa for as long as people can tell," she told HealthNewsNG.

According to her, every person "should have the right to live their sexual life in the manner that suits them as long as it does not infringe on others' rights."

She also gave recommendations on how couples can improve their sex lives.

She said: "Enjoying sex begins in the mind and head. People should shed the prudish mannerisms that prevent them from fully enjoying sex.

"The best way to do sex is to be open and share your needs and desires."

On the right age a lady should start having sex, she said a university degree is essential. If this is not possible, she suggested a lady should be 21 years old.

"I'm of the opinion that one should finish university or be 21, whichever comes later, before they start romantic dating. Before then, they can have friends of  both genders and concentrate on their studies and getting to know themselves and what they want for their future," Whitman told HealthNewsNG.

Whitman also corrected the notion that virgins are few in Nigeria.

She said: "There are virgins everywhere, even at 40 some men and women are still virgins. I don't know where people get the idea that they're decreasing. That one talks about sex does not mean they're horny, sex-charged or promiscuous, it just means you're better informed. And always one who has more information can make better decisions."

You can read the rest of the interview on HealthnewsNG


  1. It's a hard question. If female circumcision was greater in the past then women had less pleasurable sex back then. Now we have more lubricants and toys to help women who are dryer due to medication or menopause enjoy sex. Plus people have less children today that before, so they have more time to share with their partner for play time.

    Seems like I am leaning toward this generation as having better sex. I just think the sex would be just raw and less lovemaking back then because the life was harder, and people didn't have the space in their homes, or time to explore each other physically, it was just a means to an end; make a child or as a stress-relief primary for the man. Maybe only the rich had the luxury to enjoy sex back then.

  2. I wil say I also don't know which is better or best, but it seems to me it would have been less stressful them. People knew their roles and men were men, women were women. Nothing like people trying to be acrobats and gymnasts in the name of sex or these days that work stress have made many men have ED issues.

  3. I would like to focus a bit on Nigerian women here, if older generation did have more sex than this one, that was due to obligation rather than for pleasure. This is evidently true when you learn about the number of children that lots of women had in the old days before a few could survive. Also, not long ago polygamous was widely practiced, so each woman compete for their 'time' with the man of the house, there, I think they had sex so they could procreate rather than for the pleasure of it. Only 70years ago, many women, even in rich families were denied education. We all know that education is not just about read, write and sums alone, it frees our minds and helps to expand our imagination therefore helped us to push the boundaries. Today, more and more women are finishing universities, having careers that was once in the dreams of our mothers. Today we have expectations when we engage in sexual activities, we want to be included, to satisfy and to be satisfied too. I would think today all things considered, women do have more sex and more so for the pleasure of it than the older generations.

    On the issue of homosexuality - Nigeria is in denial. As long as we allow emotions rather than reasoning to dictate to us we would never be brave enough to face realities of our time. In 1997, I met a smart university law student, he was gay. He told me his story with teary eyes as he needed a bit of help for dinner that evening. His room in the hostel had been broken into by fellow students, they stole his stuff and beat hit. All in the name of him being gay. Now he was the first gay person I have ever met. He was only in his early 20s and a handsome young man, as he talked to me all I could see was a young man trying to find his feet in this wild world. I understood him and wished people could just leave him alone as he did not hurt anyone. I haven't seen him since as he was contemplating on withdrawing from school as he faced lots of assaults daily. Now, with the government treating gay as aliens, then people like this guy would continue to do their thing underground. I wonder how our lawmakers would explain the cross dressing and hair braids among Sango worshiper - Sango is the god of thunder widely regarded among the Yorubas.


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