Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dear Myne - How Can I Convince Him To Pay Child Support?

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Hello ma'am, How are you? I will be glad if you can be of assistance. I have a challenge. How do you discuss with a man who abandoned his wife and children for over 4 years now to take up his responsibility. How can he be alive, calls himself a lawyer of 22years post call, patronizes online sex traders, etc but doesn't take care of his two children in any way please?

I wish to remain anonymous but throw this question open for all to discuss and suggest.

The guy's name is ___________. They live in Nigeria and their mum alone takes care of accommodation, school feeding, clothing, health care. He does absolutely NOTHING.

He's member of your LinkedIn so maybe you can prevail on him to at least give his children some allowances to cover feeding. Thank you.

RML - Some details have been redacted to protects people's privacy. Suggestions are welcome.


  1. I doubt reading about himself on a blog will make him change when his name wasn't even mentioned. Simple answer to your question, take him to court. Finito!

  2. Why ask this kind of question on blogs and social media? Will he pay the child support here?

  3. Take him to court. The sooner Nigerian women start doing this the better. Be prepared though, some enemies of progress (mostly females) will accuse you of being evil to the father of your children and to think of your children before disgracing their father.
    Don't mind them, ask them if they talked to him when he was being evil to the mother of his children.
    There are several cases where women have won child support in Nigeria. It's just that most women don't want to go to court, they would rather resolve it within the family.
    Calling him out on social media will not do you any good. Just take him to court shikena


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