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Dear Myne - Another Woman is After My Man!

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I am confused  and I need advice. My fiance(we are planning to get married next year) and I  attend a fellowship together,we hold leadership positions. There  is this girl that attends the fellowship,she  is tripping badly that people have noticed,someone even called her to order.

Recently,I noticed he deleted his chat on bbm with her. I confronted  and he said the convo was inappropriate. I told him that as a leader,there shouldn't be such familiarity with these people  and he apologised. He said she was just telling him about her toasters  and I made it clear to him that she  is only telling him that she  is hot that he would Бέ foolish not to want her.

She also started calling/pinging me recently,at the end of every convo she wud ask of my fiance. She went to his workplace area  and tried to set up a date with him but he didnt go cos he was busy. She  is getting bolder by the day,what do I do?

This was my response, please add yours;

Hello Dear,
It baffles me when some women are so bold in going after men who are already committed. I suggest you have a heart to heart with your man first. Tell him how this situation makes you feel. Then ask that he categorically makes it known to this woman that he is taken. When he refuses her offers of dates, it should be either because he's not interested or because of you, not because he's busy. He should also lose her number and BBpin if necessary. On your own, I will not advise talking to the girl, it will look desperate and tacky. Since others are already calling her to other, that is good. Hopefully, your fiance standing up for himself will finish the job. Otherwise, you need to lose her contacts too.


  1. Exactly!!!.. I totally agree with your response ''he should categorically make it known to the lady that he is taken.''......He should be mature enough to refuse her advances and put her in her place...{Though some ladies no dey get shame...but if it means avoiding her and cutting off all contacts with her}..Finally,,...Relax!!...If he's yours ,there's nothing she can do...she will just end up embarassing herself......I believe so much in the power of prayer!!be more prayerful....These days, some ladies are so shameless, desperate and evil and will do anything to get a man...When you see her, it might be difficult..but don't act as if you have anything against her...don't be too friendly or act familiar...just be really cool and classy...Don't fight her physically,or act immature..Fight it all on your knees...Pray...and if he's yours,he is!!...

  2. And some of us here will be saying only men are to blame! See this open-eye woman going out of her way to snare another woman's man. Hiss!

  3. LOL, I forgot to say you need to ask her point blank what she wants your finace to do for her? Tell her she should leave him and you'll help convey her message.

  4. I also agree with Myne, leave your fiancee to do the talking to her to leave him alone. And be praying too that she hasn't put ideas in his head or that those fantasies never mature. Amen.

  5. When are women going to start holding their men accountable for themselves? While i'm not saying that any woman should outright ignore another woman that is seriously making moves on her man, at the end of the day it is 100% up to that man to shun the other woman's advances. You shouldn't have to explain to your man that its not okay for him to be keeping that kind of company with another woman. He isn't a child. He should, and likely does, know better. The reason he doesn't meet up with her for dates shouldn't be because he's busy! The reason he shouldn't be engaging in inappropriate convos with her isn't because he's a leader! He's a soon-to-be married man! C'mon now. She may be shameless but its still up to him to remain faithful.

  6. Myne, you said it all.

  7. Just be prayerful , that's all


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