Monday, July 1, 2013

Couple Love - Sound Sultan and Wife, Chichi

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He was born Olanrewaju Fasasi but is better known by his music stage name, Sound Sultan. Sound Sultan and Chichi Morah, who was a Christian and Igbo, got married in 2009. Since Sound Sultan is a devout Muslim, Chichi converted to Islam after getting married and adopted the Islamic name “Farida”. The couple have two children, and from these recent pictures, they are still enjoying their love. Sweet.


  1. I would never trade my christian faith for love. Call me what you will

  2. I'm from a mixed religious background, with a muslim dad and a christian mum. I was muslim, but now i'm married I am a catholic convert. My point here is that it's the woman's prerogative to do what she thinks is right for her marriage. My husband definitely would not have minded if I had remained muslim. And I did not think I had to insist on following my mum's example and keeping my religion. Every couple is unique, and everyone has a sense of what's good for them. And kudos to Farida for making that decision.

    Mrs N.

  3. Was that the only thing you learnt from the article?

  4. Love is beautiful and it shows in this couple. HML to them.

  5. LOVE COVERS ALL THINGS..ideologies,Religion,doctrine.

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