Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Are Women More Daring or Safer Drivers Than Men?

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I drive the car more often than Atala does as he prefers commuting to work using his bike. Because of this, the driving seat is adjusted to my smallie legs, as are the mirrors. This means that sometimes when we want to go out, I'm the one driving. I also love driving, and when we did our road trip I was ecstatic being let loose on the open roads.

I'll not implicate myself here, but what are speed limits when you have a flat, smooth tarmac ahead of your fresh engine on a clear, sunshiny morning? I wonder if the expression on the little boy's face mirrors that of Atala when I was pulling all those driving stunts, lol.

Seriously though, I'm a very steady driver, and most times when I drive I'm keeping well below the limits, taking turns gently, and parking smoothly. But sometimes, even when I'm being my angelic driver self, I catch Atala flinching with the tail of my eye. So what gives?

What do you think? Are women safer or more daring drivers than men? Or is that no matter how good and placid they are, men have this inbuilt belief that women drivers are incompetent and will have an accident at the smallest opportunity?


  1. Funny picture. I think most people just feel safer when being driven by men, both in commercial and private cars. Many think women are not very good drivers.

  2. Women drive safer but there is bias against them. I've had two scrapes with my car this year, my wife none.

  3. generally, i think d phrase 'weaker sex' flash on most people's minds when they see women at the wheels but the truth is women can b both daring (the adventurous types) and quite safe drivers (the fearful types)


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