Saturday, July 20, 2013

Am I The Only One With A Crush on Noble Igwe?

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Hey readers, I'm a new and hopefully regular contributor on RML. If you've been reading the comments, you must have seen me and my comments. I've been begging Myne to allow me contribute and finally, I have the keys. I'll try not to be too disruptive, hehehe, but I'm quite the mischievous type so expect some fireworks.

Oh yes, about Noble. I didn't use to like guys with beards, but on Noble, it looks so noble, and it goes with his bald head. Wouldn't I just love to rub that head, hehehe. And the eyes, so dreamy. My razz side said I should add that I won't mind stepping out on the red carpet with him either. Plus the guy loves his mama, and he runs a successful business.

And he wrote this letter to his imaginary future wife. Imagine no more, I'm here.

Noble Igwe, please marry me!


  1. Are you the only one with a crush on Noble Igwe...?


  2. Yeah, you're the only one.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist lol

  3. Yes you're the only one.


  5. I find him so irritating.


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