Friday, July 26, 2013

5 Style Tips - What To Wear For That Big Date

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By Rebecca Jones

A crucial date can be stressful enough without the added angst of deciding what to wear.  Eliminate any anxieties (or as many as are within your control) with these quick and easy tips on what to wear.

1. Dress to Impress
First impressions really do count.  Ensure that your date’s eye are firmly set on you by wearing something stylish and sophisticated.  It is always best to do some groundwork first and find out where you will be going as you don’t want to turn up in Black Tie if he is going to take you go-karting.  That said, if he does decide to take you go-karting then you can still do you hair and make-up in an elegant, feminine and attractive way.  With this in mind, wear what you feel comfortable in as you will relax and ooze confidence if you are not stressing out about wearing something which feels aliens, which in turn will ensure that your date is likely to go more smoothly.  

2. Make it Personal
Add a personal touch to your outfit with your favourite necklace, earrings, scarf - whatever it may be, revealing something about your character and tastes will ensure you add charm to your look, thus making a positive impression on your date.

3. Accentuate your assets but don’t flaunt them!
This is key.  Men are visual creatures compared to us ladies and therefore you want to accentuate your assets in order to make you more attractive and confident in process whilst also earning his respect at the same time.  Steer away from low cut, cleavage-enhancing tops or thigh high skirts and dresses, unless you don’t want him to call again.

4. Less is More
This applies to makeup not clothing!  Don’t overdo the makeup - remember your date wants to get the really you, not Coco the Clown.  Opt for natural makeup which will enhance your features not detract from them.  Guys love girls who look hot but also like they have put in minimal effort.

5. And last but not prepared! 
Yes, you might not want to jinx it but you also don’t want to be caught with old scraggy, granny pants and an untamed bush.  Book yourself an appointment to have a bikini wax to ensure everything is taken care of down there and invest in some lingerie such as these pieces from the Pleasure State collection which makes you feel sexy and confident.


Author Bio: Rebecca is a modern, feisty fashionista who frequently writes about ways to inject a bit of fun into your life.

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