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10 Ways To Find The Happy Place In Your Life

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By Cupid Blogger

A couple of years ago, I woke up one morning and had a great realization in my life. During the past few years, I had my ways putting my life in great danger – the danger of wasting my entire life. What made me say so? I just realized during that time that I wasn’t happy in life.

My life was a complete mess with lots of uncertainties.

“What do I really want from and for my life?” I again asked myself.

The answer also came from me: “I want to be happy in life.” The truth is that I have so many reasons to be happy in life but why do certain things make me feel the opposite way? Even a minor setback can make me feel dejected and I easily lost my temper.

The big question is: “Is this really the way a happy person should act?”

Do you Think you are Really Happy in Life? Looking for Ways to Start Your Happiness Project?

With few tips I’ve got from popular culture, scientific studies, and testing the wisdom of the ancient ages, I’ve come to the point of realization that these things fulfilled my dreams to be happy in life. If there’s a room for improvements, you can try any of these suggestions.

1. Always Start from the Basics – instead of starting with lengthy meditations and profound self-identity questions, you should make it a point to start with the simple basics. Some good examples may include retiring to bed during the decent hours and not letting yourself get starved. Science has evidences regarding these things and they have great impacts on becoming happy in life.

2. Keep Minor Anger on Your Own – Most of the time, I always find myself shouting and expressing my anger whenever. However, scientific studies show that this method won’t help. Fleeting annoyances and minor anger that are loudly expressed only amplifies your bad feelings while keeping them on your own will allow them to dissipate in time.

3. Act the Opposite Way – this is a way of faking yourself on the things that you really feel. Say, when you feel lonely, you need to counter it by looking cheery and the result is I, myself feeling a lot much happier. When I’m angry at someone, I would give him or her something thoughtful and the result is me feeling softer to that person whom I’m angry at. This technique to be happy in life is very much effective, indeed.

4. Learn to Enjoy Failure – many people would become very happy when they experience new things like going to new places, and buying new things for themselves. However, if you have no means to get these things, the best way to learn to be happy in life is to enjoy the fun of having failures. This will help you tackle and handle most of life’s daunting goals.

5. Realize the Things that Mean “Treats” for You – things that don’t satisfy you quite well have effects that are short-lived. To get the best treats out of the things in this life, make sure you get what you and your feelings really want, thus making you feel much better along the way.

6. Buy Yourself Some Happiness – we as persons have psychological needs. We like to love and be loved. Money is not an exemption and can instantly fill the emptiness we feel. By spending money the right way, you can make yourself happy and stay closer with family and friends. For an instance, when my brother got married, I bought a high-tech digital camera. It was very expensive but it made fell feel so happy and contented.

7. Do not Insist Getting the Best Things at all Times – there are times that we cannot afford to always get the best. Learn to be contented. If you can’t get the best, you can at least choose the better one.

8. Exercise Religiously – exercise is known to be one of the most effective mood-boosters. Spend at least ten to fifteen minutes of walk in the outdoors and you can be happy in life, you’ll see.

9. Stop that Nagging – you can do this effectively by saying only one word or do wordless hints. Say, “coffee please” instead of adding more words with it. Or you can do the task yourself to minimize nagging.

10. Reflect – a person’s level of happiness is forty percent within his control. Spend some time to reflect and make conscious steps to be happy in life.


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