Monday, June 10, 2013

Serena Williams Wins French Open - Beyonce Writes Congratulatory Message

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Serena Williams last Saturday, beat Maria Sharapova in the French Open finals to take the title at the Tennis Championship. It was her 16the Grand Slam win and she's not backing down. Lawn Tennis was one of the first sports I loved and I'm a big fan of Serena Williams. It appears Beyonce is another fan, and in a show of support, she posted a handwritten note on her site congratulating Serena, "Stunt on them Serena, 31 and in your prime...You have no idea how much you inspire all of us women."

Go Serena!


  1. I'm intrigued by these Beyonce letters. is she setting a trend for herself or just simply applauding black sisters who rock? whatever it is me likey.

  2. Good for Beyonce and Serena. Black women are doing great things globally and we need to celebrate it! We don't need the world to recognize us to celebrate each other's achievements. Rock on Serena!


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