Friday, June 28, 2013

President Obama Visits Slave Port in Senegal with Family

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The Obama family are touring Africa for the next few days, partly on business and partly for pleasure, and no, they won't be stopping in Nigeria. They are currently in Senegal and spent some time visiting the Senegalese island where centuries ago, Africans were shipped across the Atlantic into slavery in the Americas. Obama says visiting Goree Island Thursday with his family has helped them fully appreciate the magnitude of the slave trade, and calls it a "powerful moment".

The Obama family also toured the museum at the Maison des Esclaves where slaves were gathered before the went through the 'Door of No Return' and were forced onto slave ships. Obama also said that, as an African American and an African-American president, the trip gave him "even greater motivation to stand up for human rights around the world. He said the island is a reminder of what happens when civil rights are not protected."

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