Friday, June 28, 2013

Pastor Kumuyi Speaks On Non-Essential Church Traditions

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This is a video of Pastor GF Kumuyi the founder of Deeper Life Bible Church addressing members of the church in the United States about what church traditions are essential, and which are not. He uses personal anecdotes and bible passages to buttress his point that some traditions should be allowed to pass away so that latter day revelations can be used to build the church.

A commenter on the last post about Love Odih and John Kumuyi's wedding said I should stop with these Deeper Life posts. Let's be clear that the couple are not the focus of my posts, but the wedding arrangements especially the bride's dressing viz a viz the reaction of several Deeper Life members.

Some church members from their comments on this blog, here and here, are clearly confused, some heart-broken and others angry for them or their friends and relatives being deprived a similarly joyous outlook to their weddings. So these posts are to help such people come to a place where they can have peace and resolution about the matter.

On a final note;

Traditions will hinder revelation. In essentials we are united,in non-essentials there is liberty - W.F.KUMUYI.


  1. Just when you think it is over, something comes up defensive, the essentials and the non-essentials. It brings up the question: what is and what is not?

    1. What is and what is not? Dust your bible, read it and therein lies the answer to your question.
      It does not lie with me nor Myne nor, sad to inform you, Pastor Kumuyi.

  2. Myne you neglected to add that this video was uploaded to youtube on Mar 6, 2012 (more than a year ago).
    You make it seem like this has any relevance to his son's wedding but it does not.

    1. And listening to the contents of the video and realizing that it is an old video, I have come to the conclusion that a lot of members who are confused, heartbroken or whatever have themselves to blame. In this old video, he spoke about how some members focus on traditions and pass it down to the people they oversee. At a point he was talking about how he enjoyed the choir's drumming and how he knew that some people would be squeezing their face in disapproval. So there you have it.

  3. This is just an eye opener. In fact it is a plus that this message was way before the GS sons's wedding but it is so relevant. Members of DL really do not have any reason to castigsate because indeed 'This is a new day' and GS has been trying to teach that for sometime now. I pray that the Lord will uphold John and Love Kumuyi at this time they were unjustly suspended and strenghten their marriage in Jesus name. Amenn

  4. As much as I love to see Pastors fail themselves as in Coza's talk of God otelling him to keep quiet, I really do understand Pastor Kumuyi, things have got to change, and if you want to do sumtin new, tell ur Deeper life Pastor," even Daddy's son did it, why can't I do it?'


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