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On John Kumuyi's Wedding and the Deeper Life Dress Code

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Pictures of the wedding between John Kumuyi and Love Odih surfaced some days ago after their wedding last weekend and has been raising a lot of furor since then. I honestly had no idea when I posted them as I do some other celebrity wedding photos how controversial they would become. And it wasn't just on this blog. Almost everywhere I saw the photos, especially on Facebook where I got the picture above.

People are in two camps, some blaming the couple and the GO of Deeper Life for flouting the rules of the church concerning how a lady should dress, rules which the GO himself made and continues to enforce for other members of the church. Others defend the new wife as being modest enough.

A sample of the debate from the comments on the post goes as follows;

Ella Raph
Fa, fa, fa, foul!!! Deeper life sisters are not allowed to perm their hair or even wear make-up. Why is there a double standard for the GO's son?

Anonymous 12:45 AM
My dear i fear oh. My thots exactly. or is it that the sheep in some geographical regions practice something else. My friend who is a medical doctor and also a Deeper Life member looked so plain and old on her wedding and when I saw the pictures I didn't just understand why she couldn't have at least worn a fine wedding dress! She could very well afford it !!! Nawa.

Anonymous 12:46 AM
Granted, she looked simple enough and her make-up is minimal compared to what recent brides wear...but!

Anonymous 7:34 AM
Same thought here when I saw the picture. I have witnessed a deeper life wedding and it is nothing compared to this! The bride did not wear any flowing wedding gown, but a suit skirt or dress with a full hat or turban. And the ceremony was without fanfare or paparazzi. So am kind of surprise to see permed hair, make-up and a wedding gown. Well,that is why I always say my own, your own, and our own is different,and Christianity is a personal issue between GOD and man.

Anonymous 5:09 AM
Hay!!! every commentator should not look at all these make ups and dresses God see your heart , Mighty God is so big that he will not be looking at your dress to judge you forget The G.O son's wedding think about how you will get to heaven there is no sin in what you ve' seen above.

Marialex. 1:02 AM
I'm Surprise her Hair is Showng,She's Suppose to Cover it Or Tie Up with a Sack or Wrapper.

Anonymous 2:28 AM
Well, she might not have had a perm. Natural hair can be flat-ironed to to get a straight texture... but the issue is why the disguise (assuming thats what it is).

Anonymous 8:00 AM
I'm sure the GO didn't hold a gun to the head of all the other ladies who suffered their head on their wedding. Leave this girl alone please!

Anonymous 9:48 AM
They can't wear earrings but they can hire limousines? Doesn't that defeat the entire purpose of modesty?

Anonymous 3:16 PM
Matthew 7:1 says: "Judge not, that ye may not be judged". Learn how 2 control ur thumb finger or tongue. Don't incure God's anger on yourselves. Mind ur business.

Anonymous 4:58 AM
May God bless d union it shall be fruiful in Jesus name. Critics shd beware.Dis is modest enough. John carry go D Church is marching on.

Anonymous 7:21 AM
i know u guys that in support are DL members, now we get to know and believe practically that all fingers are not equal in the sense that the G/O is higher than other members of his church it rather unfair.

Anonymous 12:55 PM
Cut them some slack people. Did the wedding take place in a DL church? Do the kids attend DL? There is no law that says the child has to attend the father's church. And from what I know, Pastor Kumuyi's kids have always shunned the acerbic ways of their father. Should the parents not have attended the wedding if the children are not members of DL anymore?
That being said, I hope the church will learn some lessons from this. They have in the past punished parents for the sins & excesses of their children and spouses. Who gets to punish the G.O.? Do they now understand that every man walks his own walk?

My thoughts align most with this last comment. Let each Christian run their own race without depending or looking to the GO or any human.


  1. For real people have time on their hands. The girl doesn't have earrings on though, it's just an illusion.
    I absolutely love what the couple did. This should send a jolt to the DL members who think austerity is the way to heaven. There is nothing wrong with deodorants and lotions and such things.

  2. Am sure things will take another shape now in DL ministries during wedding period after the GO son has set example.

  3. She DID NOT USE EARINGS O. What you call earrings is a reflection of the shinning part of her veil.

    1. Finally someone who isn't out to criticize her.
      Thanks for saying that Anonymous! *whew*

  4. I wonder wat is happening in the church; wat is the work of the marriage commitee? Y wll dey allowed such ting to happened; daddy kumuyi ride on; nobody can tarnish ur work of labour, as for john kumuyi he is a disgrace to the church as a whole, cuz he knws d doctrine n dogma of the father. May God have mercy on his soul.

    1. Very ignorant thing to say, don't you think? SMDH, grow up!

    2. you are right dear

  5. Love kumuyi, u re nt rational enough to b call an intellectual, cuz u just destroyed ur father- inlaw's labour, beware cuz everybody dat behave lke u in d bible did nt see any good ting, u re so irrational to hurt our daddy.

  6. why not u all shut up ur mouth and stop criticizing others better still watch over your own life

  7. take time to verify the authenticity of materials u put on ur blog, sometimes false or misleading info cause irreparable damage.the photo u have above is doctored, the lady in question had no makeup or earrings on at the wedding. check this page on nairaland for comparison of original and altered photo

  8. Point of Order: The earring, lipsticks and eye-lashes are super-imposed in the picture using Photoshop. A little bit of intelligence will disclose this. Search the internet and you will find the original photo of the bride and the groom! But, because falsehood always spread like wildfire, the real photo does not have many hits, so you have to click next---next on the google search to find it.

    Whoever has done this for whatever reason: it is an act of wickedness to spread falsehood. It is rather shocking that you could spend your precious time, using Photoshop to modify the original photo of the bride (Love Odi), super-imposed the earring and makeups for it to appear as if she wore them.

    For believers, we need to have sharp spiritual perception so that the sons and daughters of satan do not cause us to sin.

  9. Love is one of the most beautiful persons i have ever had the pea sure of knowing, so the critics who are without sin may cast their stones. She is brilliant, godly and a virtuous woman of depth who has never been any thing but exemplary. It may be time for some of us to consider whether such stern application of individual pastoral doctrine has caused us to be less than Christlike in our criticisms.

  10. One question that comes to my mind is why so many comments on the issue of a wedding when we have to focus on our christian life to live in holiness to see God at the end of the day. I beleive the devil is using this to distract the attention of christians. while we will be focusing on these useless and temporary thing, he is getting many to his kingdom. Members of Deeper Life and other denominations, I want to call on your attentation that this publication on facebook (whether it is right or wrong) does not aim to strengthen our faith but rather to destroy us and this i beleive has affected many people already.
    keep to the essential (holiness without which no one can see the Lord)

  11. Well it is just unfortunate. No one should be our example but God!
    Know what you believe and the reason why you are saved, plus what you are aiming at. If not, we will all miss it.
    The GS, the couples and every other leader has their lives to live, but they should always remember God has put them there as a shepherd over His flock, which they will be accountable for.
    Looking unto Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith...

  12. check this out please;

  13. Anyone who claims this is Photo-shopped, is delusional. For a presumably Photo-shopped photograph, this is VERY POOR quality. But for argument's sake, let's say it's Photo-shopped - where are the real photographs? By the way, she looked exactly the same (flawless make-up, etc) in her traditional wedding pictures. Or were those Photo-shopped, too?

    One of the problems of Nigeria is religion. It is disgusting. No man, local assembly, or church doctrine will take you to heaven. But they may very well take you to hell. Trust Nigerians to start coming out with senseless statements 'in defence' of a religious leader. Nigerians check their brains at the door when it comes to religion. We only know loyalty when it comes to a pastor/prophet/etc. We're very religious, but the number of churches in Nigeria seems to be directly proportionate to the rate of poverty, corruption, and crime. So, what is the point? A 'regular' Nigerian punctuates every three sentences with "Praise the Lord" because it makes them seem more holy. Even when it is entirely uncalled for! Why shouldn't the son do what pleases him? Is he a little boy? Will his father live with the son and the wife in their marriage? For those members who are complaining, I have this to say - "You deserve it. No-one held a gun to your head, to force you to look drab, miserable, and unattractive on your own wedding day. You chose to do that because you wanted the favour of a man. This is just a tip of the iceberg. I truly hope this new wife wears trousers to her baby dedication, a year or more from now."

  14. We have to be very careful the way we pass comments because the person in question is a great man of God, the servant of the most High God. If indeed you are a child of God, you will be very careful in making any comment that negates the principles of Christian ethics. Before anyone talk and criticise be very careful to have enough facts. Always have a re-think before you talk! The Bible says we should ‘’be swift to hear, slow to speak , slow to wrath’’ James 1:19.
    Always remember Mariam in Numbers 12:1-16. In this passage, Mariam was punished for speaking against Moses the man of God. I would please like everybody that has made hasty comments and that still intend to make more comments about this wedding to carefully study that passage in Numbers 12:1-16.
    Marian was a Christian and not just a Christian but a prophetess, a great woman of God, and also the elder sister of Moses. Remember it was this same Mariam that went to call their mum for Pharaoh’s daughter to take care of Moses in Exodus 2:5-10. But do you know that in spite of the fact that she was a prophetess, the elder sister of Moses and the good deeds she did by watching over Moses when he was kept in an ark of bulrushes on the river bank and eventually called their mum to take care of Moses, God didn’t spare her? She was severely punished for speaking against Moses the servant of God. Here is wisdom; if God didn’t spare his own prophetess, do you think He will spare you if you do the same thing? Do you think that God wasn’t aware of the fact that Moses was married to the daughter of Jethro, the priest of Median before he got married to an Ethiopian woman? God didn’t hire Mariam and Aaron as His judge to judge Moses! See for yourself what God said in Numbers 12:8-9, ’’wherefore then were you not afraid to speak against my servant Moses? And the anger of the LORD was kindled against them; and he departed’’. And in verse 10 ‘’.....Mariam became leprous, white as snow’’. Always think very carefully before wagging your tongue!
    I am not a member of Deeper Life, but I’ve been a member of Deeper Life for 8 years and I know what Deeper Life stand for because it was there I became a Christian, I was in the workforce in Deeper Life and I’ve never regretted it one day because so many things I know today about the Bible was learnt in Deeper Life. Am no longer in Deeper Life but the deeper life of the Bible is still in me because I had a solid Christian experience and foundation there! Am no longer in Deeper Life but Pastor Kumuyi is still my daddy. Pastor Kumuyi is a great man of God and highly respected and honoured worldwide. ‘’And no man taketh this honour unto himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron’’ Hebrews 5:4. I love him very much because he is a fearless and uncompromising man of God. He is a man of God that inspires me so much. I have heard testimonies of his relationship with God and I also have personal convictions about him that he is a genuine and true servant of God. The way Moses was to God, that is how pastor Kumuyi is to God!
    Am sounding this note of warning because I love you all. Be extremely careful of what you say against great and genuine men of God in order to escape or avoid God’s fiery anger and judgment! ‘’It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God’’ Hebrews 10:31.
    Finally, the fact that your father is the General Superintendent or General overseer of a church doesn’t necessarily follow that you are also a member of the same church. Both John and Love are of age and may not necessarily be full members of Deeper Life even though their parents are Deeper Lifers or members of Deeper Life! The fact that they are not members or full members of Deeper Life and may not necessarily believe in Deeper Life doctrines and lifestyle doesn’t exempt their parents from attending and honouring their wedding. Both parents and couple did no harm, neither did they commit any sin. That is my opinion which I believe is satisfactory enough.-Theophilus Mettle(

    1. Basic truth....enough for the wise.

  15. Thumbz up sir . . . Dz z d most insightful comment av read so far. GOD BLESS U SIR. @ theophilus

  16. All things are lawful but all things are not expedient.
    It takes a heaven minded person to discover the kind of dressing that pleases the Lord. It does not matter who you are and what title you own in your Church. Remember Lot when he parted from Abraham... Jesus also said... remember Lot's wife. What is in the mind is more grievous than what we put on. Allow God to judge everything you do; not how good it is but the motive behind what you do matters to heaven. He will not spare anyone who violated His directive. Let us learn to display our wealth in simplicity and in godly moderation. The Lord is at hand. Everyone shall give account of his life to God. Abraham was so rich that you can trace it to any his earthly asset. Rather, he dwelled in tents... looking for a city, mansions, attire, recognition
    and such asset whose builder and maker is God.

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