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Jupiter Strong and The Lunch Lion - A Book For Children

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Many African parents at home or in the diaspora, are often on the lookout for new books and other material they can use to teach their children good values and which features characters that look like them. The duo of Frank Edwards and Kelly Abel have come up with an idea for a series of books which I think is brilliant! And the fact that the artwork is so fresh and colorful will make it a double hit for children and parents, I personally love it. The first book in the series is “Jupiter Strong and The Lunch Lion”

Book Synopsis
Jupiter Strong and The Lunch Lion is the story of five year old Jupiter Strong’s first day of “kinneygarden.” Awash with excitement, she can hardly wait to begin her day!
However, Jupiter’s older brother has mischievous plans! He convinces Jupiter that she is in imminent danger by way of “The Lunch Lion” who lurks in the cafeteria, waiting for unsuspecting kindergarteners…
Jupiter uses critical thinking, a sense of self worth and deductive reasoning to unravel the mystery!
The storytelling style is modern, easy to read and perfect for family story time! The artwork is captivating and reminiscent of gallery ready portraits.
With each turn of the page, readers of all ages are invited a bit closer to connect with and get to know the Strong Family.

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From the Publishers

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

It was from that mindset the Jupiter Strong series was born. Our goal is to create marketplace viable content, that children will love and parents will appreciate. Our focus with this series was to showcase images of African people in dignifying terms. The world of Jupiter Strong is our contribution to the rebuilding of the global African.

From our series, children will learn critical thinking skills, self love, communal responsibility and have fun doing it!

Each story is socially relevant, and pointed. The ongoing theme is Black love, Black family Pan-Africanism and the destruction of negativity.

Conceived of love, carried with love and delivered with love:

Some other artwork that we've generated in support of our project are below. We realize that marketing a children's book is unique because you've got to appeal to parents, and children. The approach we've taken is to head on attack what we see as negativity, through an age appropriate lens. In example, we have several memes that reverse negative stereotypes into positive displays.

1. Child Support - It's a play on words, and although that term generally conjures up negativity...we've given an alternate view.

2. Baby Mama Drama - More of the same, also a play on words...

3. Love and Hip Hop - See what we're doing here?


  1. I jist showed my 5 year old and she loves the characters already. Thanks for sharing.

  2. is pretty cool!

  3. LaVena EdwardsJune 10, 2013 9:36 PM

    Love the story line and the pictures are beautiful

  4. Jaqueline ZapataJune 13, 2013 3:54 PM

    I ordered...Thanks for sharing!


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