Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm in Texas and Everything Really is Big

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There's this joke that I'm sure a lot of you have heard various versions of it. I can't remember any version completely but suffice to say, one of the lines say, in Texas, everything is big. This is my first time in Texas, and I can now say, that part of the joke is totally true.

For those asking after me, I'm fine, thanks so much. It feels good to know I was missed :)

I thought to put up a post before travelling but circumstances prevented that. I've been on the road for the past couple of days and will be on a road trip for the next few days. These are some of the pictures I've been able to take so far. Enjoy...


  1. i have been wondering, have fun oh you deserve it

  2. I remember getting that same feeling in Houston to be precise, enjoy your trip

  3. Myne good to know you in Houston, Everything is really big in Texas oooooo, wont lie. Would love to see you in person Though, i see my work route in your Picture, Southwest Freeway. Was wondering why u didn't update, but work prevented me, typing this with one hand while getting ready to hit the road for work. Do have a Great time in Houston.

  4. My sister moved from Louisiana to near Houston years ago. There's a lot to see and do there. Enjoy your trip! (Try to find time for a visit to the Galleria and all those yummy shops!)

  5. Enjoy your road trip!!

    I ve heard of big TExas. And the cowboys and ranches. Lol. Images of freeways and modern structures don't merge with that lol.

  6. The hardest part of leaving awesomeness (Texas) is visiting less-awesome (other states) and realizing how un-awesome(tiny) they are in comparison to awesome (Texas).

    Lol welcome to the lonestar state

  7. The sky is so blue... lol

  8. I think America is just big on the Have fun in Texas and dont get lost on the big ness of it all :)


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