Monday, July 1, 2013

Flavour - Ada Ada [Music Video Romance]

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Flavor N'Abania's Ada Ada is a wedding anthem, and the music video is shot like an Igbo traditional wedding. I'm a fan of Flavor, but this song is not my favorite though I like the lyrics. The video is also very clear and well put together. Enjoy!


  1. Really now? This song makes me want to grab the nearest man and take him to the village, let's do this thing lol.

    But different strokes for different folks I guess. Have watched the video I think 5 times already this evening/morning, it's high time I stopped hitting refresh

  2. The song is good o, don't get me wrong, just not more than Nwa Baby or Oyi or Adamma, lol...

    Invite us when the time comes o :)

  3. Are you kidding? I put on my car stereo with this track on repeat ALL the time. I'm not ibo and but I gush about my love for this song everywhere. There's something about the beat that does it for me all the time. Flavour must have felt my love for this song from a distance cuz he just replicated my wedding colors 'turquoise and gold' in the video. Right now I just want to have another wedding. This time as an igbo girl. :D

  4. Nice video! Love the Adamma masquerade in fact all the dancers. I get what you mean though, as much as I like the video its not my favorite Flavour track; Baby Oku, Adamma, Alchohol, Ukwu, Ihe n'eri... ok this list is getting too long LOL. Love Flavour (die!) like the song but don't love it

  5. I love this video, and Nollywood reinvented,I feel same way as you do...maybe even more..
    I love the folks that featured in the video..nice one flavour. the colurs were perfect, the quality and clarity is on point except for naija network cos it took me 20mins to watch the video..

  6. I love this video,its absolutely lovely. I can't wait for my own trad wedding. On a non-related issue,pls how do I disable google+ comment on my blog?

  7. Myne, im with you. Song doesnt inspire repetitive play and dance like 'nwa baby' but the video, the beautiful display of Igbo culture makes me wanna hug Flavor tight. He has done excellently well!!

    In 9 months time......Flavor did you have to add that bit? smh lol


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