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Did John Kumuyi's Wedding to Love Odih Take Place in the Deeper Life Church?

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A comment from another member of the Deeper Life Bible Church to the friend who attended the wedding and wrote a defense of Love Odih [HERE] got me thinking if people may be blaming this couple unnecessarily. As much as I searched however, I could not find a venue for the wedding. If it turns out that John Kumuyi and Love Odih are no more deeper life members, and did not wed in the Deeper Life Church, dos that make everything OK? Read on for the rebuttal.

Dear Friend-of-the-Couple,

You have done well, to an extent, in defending your friends. However, your write-up clearly shows that you understand little or nothing of the grievances expressed by members and non-members alike of the renown Deeper Life Bible Church.

Just like the new Jerusalem seen by John the beloved in Revelation 21:2 is "adorned for her husband", Love Kumuyi was beautifully adorned on the day of her wedding to John Kumuyi. BEAUTIFULLY. Nevertheless, considering the fact that the marriage committee of DLBC Nigeria (which, of course, is the origin & model of all DLBC marriage committees worldwide) strongly opposes certain things in our appearance during/the conduction of wedding ceremonies in the church, we have the natural tendency to be confused.

Usually, brides who wish to wed in DLBC are expected to sew a wedding gown made strictly of satin material. See-through styles like a netted sleeve, which tends to add a form of beauty to the gown as we see in Love's case, is a complete no-no. You wanna use a ready-made wedding gown? That means you don't wanna wed in a Deeper Life Bible Church. Is it because it is sinful to do so? Not at all but the ancient 'standard' of the way our brides dressed during weddings in DLBC would be seriously altered if we did so, according to the MC members. Moreso, many of them regard such gowns as 'worldly' so forget it.

Using a veil in DLBC weddings is not an option. We are expected to have our heads completely covered. That is what we stand for and we have been abiding by this since the inception of the ministry. The only difference is that turbans are no more in vogue. Moderately fashionable scarfs are allowed but no veils or hats.

Make-up? Don't even go there.

Using flashy vehicles or decorating the car you're using on your wedding day is strictly prohibited. Plus, the father of our brides don't usually walk them down the aisle. (Hello-oo? Seriously???) It's just not allowed by the DLBC MC.

Cakes are not to be displayed in our wedding ceremonies. It's a serious offence to the MC. A show of worldliness, in fact. No kidding.

Many intending couples have expressed their desire to do otherwise but have been refused. Thus, some who feel that these rules are too rigid and unnecessary, have conducted their weddings in some other Bible-believing church, & have returned to DLBC as members.

The couple did well in honouring their parents by wedding in their church. But one would naturally expect that any couple - be it the son of the GS himself, or the daughter of a national overseer in the church - would abide by these 'rules' since they are the rules of DLBC & it was their desire to wed therein. The Kumuyis didn't abide by these rigid rules. Hence the queries: Are there separate rules for church leaders' children who wish to wed in DLBC? Or is there now a new standard of dressing for intending brides? If yes, whatt changed exactly?

These are the many questions that trouble our heart, dear friend of the couple.

God bless you.


  1. God bless the writer. Pls can s/he (the defender of the couple) respond to this?

  2. Myne abeg drop this story. They are a new couple and you keep posting about them. Pls cut them some slack, they don't deserve all these. Let the members of DL discuss these matters within their walls. One post was enough, two was stretching it, three is too much biko.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    Let Myne not drop it please. Nobody is blaming the couple and I doubt that a honeymooning couple would be interested in gossip/news/whatever in the first few days of their wedding and shame on whoever brings all this to their notice. They should be left alone.

    The heat goes to the church and all the vanguards and custodians of their ancient traditions-who did not stop this from happening! They are to blame. They are the ones who played double standards, who betrayed their trusting members, they are the hypocrites including and especially d G.O. The bride has the right to dress how she wants-it is the people who let her in despite centuries of bouncing people for milder "offences" that are the culprits. So no, we will keep talking about it. This should cause mutiny and in fact an uprising in that church and going forward, it is only a silly bride who will allow herself be dictated to again!

    1. Thanks Pearl,
      its the likes of this Anonymous who keep encouraging the 'ignorant, I don't care attitude of Nigerians" and that's why government officials keep getting away with impunity.Not only government officials but some 'men of god" live double standards. We have to keep talking about it so people can start to think with their heads and not asses. Utter rubbish, cut who slack? who was attacking the couple before. Read in between the line and see that the comments are directed to the Church leaders.

  4. A long time till now,Lord help me.How do I explain to my children when they see this....... . Well....'Faith of our fathers ,holy faith,I will be true to thee till the end'

    1. My dearest Bro Akin,the explanation is simple,we should be wishing the couples a happy married life and the Lord will keep their home.The GS is not John Kumuyi,so he( our GS )still remains a defender of the faith and we love him so much.Let your children know that the church is a body having many members and one of them is Bro John and Sis Odih Kumuyi

  5. Ms or Mrs Anonymous,
    Why didn't you put your name???
    If newly wed couples want some respect, then they need to earn it. I don't think these ones deserve one. I am sorry!
    Do you ever know what rules and regulations in DCLM HAVE CAUSED IN THE LIFE OF INNOCENT, SINCERE PEOPLE?
    Pls cut the crap, and face fact, if you don't know, let people that are sad and wounded express their candid opinion.

    1. T0la,getting to heaven is issue of individuality, if you want to get there, carry your cross not minding whether John and Love are following you or not. please we are getting too close to heave let's not drop this cross we've been carrying for years. O lord Iam getting near the gate help me to enter in with you (Amen)

    2. I need to put my name to prove a point? Pls don't be childish Tolu. Do you know how many Tolus there are on earth? Can we identify you. Make sense pls. People allow rules to affect them. If this is paining you, leave the church or air your grievances at your next bible study. Who told you Pastor Kumuyi reads this blog.
      You make ABSOLUTELY no sense especially with the comment about this couple not deserving any respect. Did anyone force you to worship at DL? If you didn't like the rules of the marriage committee, why didn't you go marry at redeemed or winners.

  6. I tried commenting on ur latest post on this issue but somehow I couldn't.

    People can be so funny. These supposedly hurt and aggrieved members who weren't allowed to look nice on their wedding day are just funny.
    When u say "this is my Church", there's an element of consent, at least to a large extent, to its doctrines and mode of life or worship. An adult after a while should have figured out why he or she attends that Church and if its a Church u want to belong to. If u therefore attend DLBC and u do not agree with their doctrine, then u r one big ball of confusion. If also u r there to abide by the rules of W.F Kumuyi, u r very confused.

    If u knew u wanted a pretty lacy dress with make up, then u had no business getting married there. There's always an option when a doctrine is against ur belief: LEAVE! U need to sow me the cords tying u there, otherwise, just be quiet.
    All these accusing the leadership of the Church for making u ugly on ur wedding day is just Bullshit. If what enraged u in all these talk is the dress u were made to wear on ur wedding, loooooooooong hiss to u.

    As for the leadership, there's no need defending this. This is double standard. It's wrong ad that's my view.
    I couldn't watch the video but if what Daddy Kumuyi is saying is that their age long traditions and doctrines may be hindering revelation or are unnecessary, then the speech ought to have come before this wedding, in my opinion.

    Of course as one learns and develops, u may have to learn new things and unlearn some old things, hats not wrong. However, the timing........

    I like to say tho, different branches of the same Church sometimes have variations in their doctrines and all. It's not unusual. My Church in Ilorin insists on covering ur hair and no trouser, while in Abuja, there are no strict rules. So truly if the Branch they attend allows her dressing mode, why not?


    1. I love the first part of your comment especially about consent. If you affiliate yourself to something, then you are pretty much saying I'm convinced about their laws and traditions. Nothing should move you.
      As to the second part, John and Love are not leaders in the church. John just happens to be Pastor Kumuyi's son. An adult who can make his own decisions. And it's just because he is the GO's son that this is making the rounds. Several DL members in the US have dressed just exactly like this couple to their wedding; who carried the story? No-one!

  7. my prayer oh God is to follow ur servant Kumuyi n him alone

  8. I don't know why some DLBC members are upset about the whole john/love wedding. 1st of all they were not married in DLBC and cos of that they are not bound by the rules of the marriage committee irrepective of whether john's dad is the GS. I grew up in DLBC and my parents are members till date but my eldest sister got married outside DLBC and she got all dressed up, made up etc. When it was my other sisters turn she got married in DLBC and she did abide by the rules of the church, its nw my turn in a few months and I have already started marriage class in another church where the wedding will take place. This is essentially an inividual thing john did not get a call of ministry the way he's father did and any of those so-called bitter and confused pple should please stop pretending as this is not the 1st time a deeper life memeber will marry outside the church.let the man be and stop criticizing baselessly.

  9. Pls i need an explanation on where the marriage was conducted and how couples that are no longer members of the church have been disciplined by the said church.Let's be realistic! If you tell me they are not born again then I accept that not the discipline stuff.

  10. Salvation is individual repent dont copy pls hold fast wat u av.


    But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. (Matthew 12:36 KJV)

    But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men's matters. (1 Peter 4:15 KJV)
    - Ibikunle Farajimakin

    What is this ‘posting’ and ‘sharing’ of John’s wedding pictures all about? To you who either posted or shared, what was your motive? What message were you trying to pass across. Is that your own message of the cross? Is that the mandate that Christ gave you? A lot of tracts bearing the message of salvation are lying all about with no one to post on FB. So also are posters and handbills for church programmes. Only a few post these. But you have all the time in the world to post pictures and pass unguarded comments. What has caused others serious heartbreak is what you are busy jesting about. Until now I never knew that John was and is the Messiah of many (or why would he suddenly become the object of both national and international discussion); neither did I know that he was the author and finisher of the faith of a lot of professing believers.

    Now you point accusing fingers and spite the message of the man of God on worldliness. While you are busy focusing on John, your own spirituality is depreciating by the seconds... Why will you go to hell because of another man’s mistake. Don’t you think that will be your greatest undoing? Friend, away with all the frivolities, carnalities and sensualities on FB. If your page is not promoting Christ and extending the frontiers of His coming kingdom, you had better deactivate it. Resign from the league of shallow-minded critics and enrol in the school of prayer. If you feel you don’t need prayers, then pray for others. There are millions of people in the world who need prayers, myself inclusive. Christ will soon come. If he meets you gossiping and backbiting, I’m sure He will not smile and say “well done, thou good and faithful servant.” Of course, there is freedom of speech but it is not freedom to run off at the mouth. Stay at your duty post (that is, if you have one) and stop meddling in other men’s affair. If you can’t help to ameliorate the matter, then don’t worsen it. And for you whose exalted position is that of gossiping, backbiting and slandering, and who don’t have any work to do for Christ, I urge you to find one and do it faithfully.
    Then for you who are yet to marry, we will wait till your wedding day to see the ‘wonders’ you will perform. I’m sure you will like to make headlines, not only in the best and widely-read newspapers here on earth but also in hell!
    Praying or gossiping? Rewards sure abound for both, but in different places.
    A word, they say, is enough for the wise. (Beckie Gabriel)

    1. Balance comment. Thank You


  13. Pleas u people should live them alone,is dat d worst sin?are there no people dat are commiting serious sin?eating church money,sleeping wit people,s wife.wat av u people done abt it?will d gown make them nt 2 go 2 heaven or something?please u guys jt av 2 grow up and think if ur name is written in d book life,u mr pointer if christ cums now, will u make heaven?

  14. The whole TRUTH is yet to come out. Leaders must not tell lies in order to protect the dogmas and tradition of the DLBC which has no direct bearing with the Scriptures in context of cultures. Remember, the scripture is written in the context of culture which is not our culture. WAIT FOR MORE FROM THOSE WHO WERE PHYSICALLY PRESENT AT THE OCCASION.

  15. The coming of the Lord is nearer than before so why dwell on what has not got to do wif you and it's not affecting ur lyf either.And who are you to judge anoda man? mind ur biz if u aim at making it to heaven at last.

  16. you guys are clowns..get a life

  17. nawa.

    I just had lunch!

  18. Really getting more interesting by the day. My question is, did they commit any sin? Where was d so-called marriage committee when they were planning the wedding?

  19. I just finishd reading ur comments. Only few people actually made sense in deir post. Mine own advice is: do not be a custodian of oda men's tradition and lifestyle. Live a holy life and let your eternal life not be dependent on John's lifestyle. Remember! JESUS IS COMING SOON....

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