Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dear Myne - My Parents Won't Accept My Older Fiance

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Hello Myne..... I'm 28 and a single parent. My son is 8yrs old. I'm in love with a much older man. We've known since 2011, he has proposed, honestly I accepted, because I care so much about him. I'm young, independent, self employed. My parents won't accept and I've had more than enough heart breaks from younger guys. Please dear Myne, he is 53 and divorced. Please advice.


  1. Your parents have something they're seeing as elders that you're not. Leave that man, he is simply too old for you.

  2. You parents are not going to live your life for you. Besides his age, what other issues do they have?

  3. Age is just a number,if the man makes you happy then move on n marry him.all the best

  4. Try and make your parents see reasons on why he is the better person for you and not the young men around. I am 25 years old and dating a 50 year old widower. He is the best thing that has ever happend to me and always makes me happy. and i to keep explaining to my family why he is the better person for me and now we are all cool and he proposed to me 2weeks ago. So my dear try and explain better to your parents and am sure dey will come around

  5. She's an adult na, not a child. She has to find a way around talking to her parents and getting them to accept. I don't even understand all this, "my parents won't accept him/her business" as if they r dealing with children who need their legal consent.


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