Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dear Myne - We're Friends With Benefits But I Want More?

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Dear Myne, I am dating this guy and it’s a long distance relationship. He’s in a different state from me. Well for a couple of months, he hasn’t called or even texted me. We have been dating for ten months now and I last saw him December. When he decides to call me with night call, its only for sex chats and once he’s done he tells me it’s late that I should go to bed and he cuts the line.

When I call he says he would call me back and never does. He doesn’t know anything about me and never cares to ask. Even when he asks me to call him with free night calls and I do, his phone’s either off or he picks and says he wants to sleep or gives one excuse or another.

 He doesn’t discuss with me to know if I have any problems. Even on my Birthday he didn’t call me and when I called him, he said he didn’t forget, and he still didn’t wish me happy birthday or apologise… its hurting me badly because I like this guy.

Please what do I do as he wants to visit me and I know it’s for sex not even spending time with me. I don’t want to be just a sexgirlfriend for him pls… how can I make him understand and not lose him. I need an urgent reply as in few days he would be coming...



  2. The things one sometimes hears from the mouth of adults. I'm sorry but I feel like smacking you upside down.

  3. She seems like the douche bag to me

  4. Why would you allow a man to treat you like that!!!!....This is not the kind of life God wants for you........see , you can not be treated beyond the value you place on yourself...Work on who you are, and learn to love yourself!!...sometimes, when people don't love themselves, they tend to love other people desperately ,even when the love is not reciprocated!!...please!..let him go, and work on your self!!!'s better to be alone!!...this is just a relationship that will drain you emotionally and really hurt you....don't worry..just Trust God and don't give up on yourself!!...and you will meet the right person!

  5. Hello dear, you seem the only one in that relationship. You are probably thinking 'where will another one come from'; yours will come and both op you will be in it together.

  6. This guy is not ready for more, you better tell him off.

  7. scratching my head and ....... exiting.
    A word is enough for the wise.

  8. You're not even friends to begin with, much less with benefits. Harsh but true.

  9. Quit deceiving yourself! You are neither friends, and this is a very poor excuse for a relationship. Dump his a** and tell him not to visit. If he wants cheap sex, redirect him in the opposite direction. Value and appreciate your body, mind and soul in a way that no man can ever use you for sexual satisfaction only. Capisce ?


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