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Dear Myne - Has My Boyfriend Been Pretending All Along?

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Hi Myne, Pls kindly share this on your blog. I need people's opinion. Thank you. I have this problem and its really killing me right inside and I really can't stop thinking about it.

I have been dating this guy for 8 months but I recently broke up with him because I think its the right thing to do. Reason is because he never calls to check how I am doing and when I said never I mean NEVER. I am always the one calling and texting him.

The only time he calls is when he wants to ask me about school, when he's broke and when he wants sex. I  called him a couple of times to tell him how I feel about this, I told him i feel he's only using me and I feel he sees me as a sex toy and his bank but he apologised and promised to change. He changed for like three weeks and started again and this time he came up with a new habit of not picking his call anytime I called him.

There's this other issue he has. He is a blatant liar. He lies about everything. He told me I am the only one he's dating but the last time I went to his house I saw a portrait of a girl in his wardrobe and when I questioned him about this, he said the girl in it is his ex. I am really tired of his attitude and he makes me really unhappy.

I must add that since I have been with him he has never for once taken me out not for once. He's always complaining of being broke. Like I said earlier I just broke up with him and I can't stop thinking about him as I like him really much. Since I broke up with him he hasn't called or text. Does this mean he doesn't like me and he's been pretending all along? Because I think if he does he should have called. I am really confused, what should I do?


  1. Please Dear!!!!....Move on, and don't even look backward!!!... !!..LOVE is an action, if a Man loves you, he will show it,, it can't be hidden,because you can't help it....please just move on, that guy doesn't love or care about you one bit..!! It's painful , but a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage!!...try to cut off any form of connection between you guys, and keep away from away!!..pray that God should heal your broken heart!!...and immerse yourself in an hobby, or your job...with time you will forget!!!!...and learn to love yourself...because when a lady puts up with a man that doesn't treat her right, it boils down to a state of low self esteem on the lady...Love and pamper yourself!!!..True love starts with YOU!!...when you don't love yourself, we tend to love others too desperately, and they get really choked up and leave....A woman that loves herself might not be so pretty , but there's something so attractive about her!!! let him go!!..infact it's good riddance to bad rubbish!!!..., but forgive him{so you can grow, unforgiveness limit's a man}....and start a journey of self love!!!..wait and be patient!...and God will be bring the right person....Love is sweet and wonderful,BUT only with the right person..,,..all the best!!

  2. I'm sorry to tell you this but the guy never liked you to begin with. Men will stop at nothing to get with the person they really like. When you guys were "together" he never called unless he needed something so I don't understand why you are expecting calls and texts now that you broke up with him.
    Let me be frank with you. the relationship never existed. Move on and get with someone who can treat you like you deserve.

    let me break down why you should forget him
    he's a liar
    he's unmotivated hence he's always complaining and being broke and never does anything to change the situation
    he doesn't like you (never calls, text)
    only wants you for sex and money

    I could go on but i think you should get the point now

  3. Babe...Forget him. I have been in your shoes and the above comment is right. If a man wants you, he will stop at nothing. After about 2 years in a non-existent one sided relationship in which I didnt know the status, I met a guy 3 months ago and believe me he has been jumping all around me like an headless chicken. He would swallow me if I allow him. I cant comprehend the depth of his love and already we are planning a wedding for late this year..yes, he proposed in 3 months. Let the guy go, love yourself, very soon, you will meet a man that will love you and would give the world to be with you. I wish your heart healing, believe me I know how you are hurting. I shared my story to let you know that you are worthy of love and someday very soon, you will meet a man even you cannot believe how much he loves and want to be with you.

  4. Are you a learner? He is a liar, a money grabber, and maybe a cheater, and you want him back? Babe move on please.

  5. Is this story for real? I can't believe any woman of leg opening age cannot interpret clearly the handwriting on the wall. You were simply one of his booty calls and his sometimes ATM.

    1. Leg opening age? LOL is that even a thing?

  6. please pleasei for your information , move on and concentrate on your studies , you are way to young for this kind of rubbish from a guy that you know clearly is using you , you better run for your life and leave the fool alone .
    Did you say you still have feelings for him , well the feeling would be because of the good sex , but apart from that , he is using you my dear, , when you meet a good man that would take care of you , trust me that fool will be nothing compared to him ...and please concentrate on your studies , you should be thinking of coming out with good grades and getting a good job,like me .... please please save your money , the good and best guy will come for you . also pray always ...

  7. don't think you need a soothsayer or an angel to tell you,you been fooled all this while,anyway you can still make adjustment and pls any guy you meet don't be too hasty to pull your pants... Take your time and be sure the guy loves you and what's the big deal in not waiting till after marriage before sexual relationship sef! My dear be wise.. God will direct your path to the right man


  8. Sorry, my dear sister, but you are a learner. He does not like you. Move on. Shikena.

  9. Men can be smtin else(some men o),d only. mistake u made was opening your legs for him n giving him your money.Brace up nd keep loving ursef.Cheers!!


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