Monday, June 24, 2013

Date Ideas - The Classic Dinner and Movie Date Combo

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This weekend was a busy one for Atala and I. Saturday was all about being active, we went rock climbing in the morning and riding later in the evening. Sunday was more for chilling out. We went for the classic movie and a dinner date combo. And I have to tell you guys, if you do make this a date idea, make sure you go see the movie first.

By going to see Man of Steel first, it gave us something with which to start off our dinner conversation. And if you saw a good movie, or even one that is not so good, you can harvest topics from it all evening long!  We enjoyed teasing out the little details of the movie as we ate. Great meal at a Mexican place BTW - It was someone's birthday and an improv mariachi came out to play a tune :)

Finally, and most importantly, we were able to eat at our own pace without watching the clock for a movie time. Also, we could really enjoy the dinner and eat to our fill without worrying about getting too full and sleepy if we had chosen to see the movie after.

Which do you do, movies before or after dinner? Who saw any new movie this weekend?


  1. hmmm..should I be envious?

    Im seeing a new movie today- either Iron Man or Man of Steel.

    ...the ultimate choice depends on which cinema is giving out free popcorn and drinks -that's why it has been left to a Monday by the way.

    The life of a single working 30-something lady. I love it.

  2. Coool. Thank you for the tips, they're very helpful.

  3. Coool. Thank you for the tips, they're very helpful.

  4. Good, practical information. Thanks!


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