Thursday, June 6, 2013

Can a Nigerian Man be a House Husband?

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I have to confess that even I don't expect the first answer from a man when asked this question to be a yes. But in the spirit of freedom of choice for both women AND men, I understand that all a man who wants to be a househusband has to do is find a wife who will accept him just like that. Being a fan of Wife Swap, I can testify to having seen many real life examples of what a house husband looks like. And it can work.

Cue your random man on a Lagos street and the question, can you be a househusband? Most say no. Some back pedal and state that if they lose their job and the wife is still earning a lot, they will partner with her and work out a way to manage the home. A lot are adamant. Either their religion or Nigerian culture forbids such a thing, they say. Only one man wouldn't really mind if that is the curve life throws at him. One is already a part time house husband by the nature of his job.

In my opinion, I think from their answers, that if the men are able to at least earn a little, and have their egos massaged as the head of their home by their higher earning wife, I think if these two conditions are met, I think a lot of the men may be more amenable to working from home and helping out with chores.

From what I hear, this may be happening even more than we think already.


  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it although I'd prefer my husband not to be. My preference has no affiliation to religion or culture it's just what I'd prefer. This doesn't mean I'd stand any egoistic fella who feels it's his right to always bring home the bacon as anything otherwise is a taboo. I can't stand such "shallowness"

  2. Truth be told a naija man wouldn't agree to that because of his Ego and his family will say the wife has jaZzed him. So I don't Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ it happenin here in naija

  3. Never say CAN'T.

    Is it likely though? 0.01% chance :)

  4. I grew up with my dad taking care of us kids even tho my dad is Ghanaian... however i did not lack for anything with him at home n my mom at work. My mom never n still doesn't take decisions without my dads approval. it also takes a strong m confident man to stay home and let his wife shine....


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