Friday, June 21, 2013

Cabbage and Carrots in Simple Coleslaw Recipe

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Creamy coleslaw with ranch dressing
Coleslaw is one of easiest meals or sides to make and I love it in summer. For this recipe, you only need cabbage and carrots. Some recipes want to be adventurous and add either fruits like apples, or other vegetables like beets and parsley, but not this one.

Chop the cabbage in small slices

Grate the carrots with the medium cut

Wash the carrot with cold, lightly salted water

Soak the cabbage in hot, but not boiling, salted water.

Allow both the carrots and cabbage to drain completely

Your meal is ready. For this meal, we had steamed salmon fillets with the creamy coleslaw. After eating, I decided there were three ways of losing weight with coleslaw;

1. Carrots and cabbage have low calories as vegetables

2. It takes more calories to burn in digestion.

3. You actually burn calories from chewing the coleslaw, lol...

So , how do you use your coleslaw?


  1. Hi Myne,
    This looks really good and thanks for the recipe idea. I'm trying to lose weight at the moment and this looks like a healthy option I can add to my diet. However, doesn't adding mayonnaise make the meal 'unhealthy'? or what other 'healthy'ways do you suggest I can eat this without having to eat the vegetables dry. I hear even 'light'/'low fat' mayonnaise is not healthy either. Thanks.

    1. Hello Anon, you can use very light dressing like cooking vinegar. You can also simply add a dash of olive oil. The later will remove the dryness effect but vinegar makes it crisp if you prefer that.

  2. Thank you Myne. I'll try those out...:)

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