Thursday, June 27, 2013

British Ambassador to Nigeria Says £3,000 Bond Is Only A Trial

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Nigeria is not happy about the British plan to force visitors from the country to provide a cash bond of £3,000 before they can enter Britain. The Nigerian foreign minister, Olugbenga Ashiru said as much when he met the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Andrew Pocock, days after the announcement.

Ashiru described the policy "as not only discriminatory but also capable of undermining the spirit of the Commonwealth family," and that Nigeria "has a responsibility to take appropriate measures to protect the interest of Nigerians who may be affected by the proposed policy, if finally introduced."

Responding, the British High Commissioner in Nigeria stated that Britain only planned "a very small scale trial of the use of financial bonds as a way of tackling abuse in the immigration system (which occurs when some people overstay their visa terms)." AFP reports that;

... the details of the pilot scheme were still being worked out and if it goes ahead in Nigeria, it would affect only a very small number of the highest risk visitors. "The vast majority would not be required to pay a bond. Those paying bonds would receive the bond back, if they abided by the terms of their visa."

I wonder if this news is something to tear shirt over? It's just a refundable deposit, right? Am I missing something?


  1. Uh?! Refundable deposit kini? 3,000 GBP? That is USD4,600 and NGN742,182. Just to visit a country?! In addition to exorbitant visa fees, flight tickets, hotel AND 'shopping' money?

    "Am I missing something?" You clearly are. Ask yourself how many Britons would be pleased to pay a 1M deposit to visit Nigeria. And yes, they come visit!!!

  2. wow...@ "refundable deposit"...How many people can afford that ontop of all the fees and travel expenses?? na wa ooo

  3. Myne I take it you are a millionaire @refundable deposit right? So imagine you still lived in the UK and was getting married in December 2013 and your retired parents and 2 siblings still in school are to attend the wedding that is 12000 pounds bond money enough to pay an internatipnal students first year of university in some schools in the UK. You have not counted the ticket money, visa fees and spending money etc that is exorbitant to say the least. Do not think about rich Nigerians who can afford bond money for 100 people think about the immigrants to the UK who are their family back home's sole breadwinner and if said family were to make such a trip it is this immigrant who is living hand to mouth in the UK who would have to come up with the money. How about that newly employed Lagos graduate who has been saving for the last one year to visit her sister in the UK.

  4. You are missing lots of things. A refundable deposit of £500 is diff from £3000. Countries can make their rules but not when it's blatantly discriminatory.

  5. Don't agree with the bond at all how many Britons can afford that. Very sad.

  6. Just a refundable deposit? So after paying their jaw breaking visa fees,flight ticket and all other expences one is still expected to "deposit" 700k as collateral? You really are missing something.

  7. Which kain trial be that. It is an insult to Nigeria. Whether the law is passed or not, the damage has already been done. Maybe they have even achieved their purpose already.


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