Friday, June 14, 2013

Breakfast Idea - Bacon Strips without all the Fat

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Bacon is one of those guilty pleasures one knows they shouldn't make a habit of, yet you can't stay completely away. I just love the salty, smoky, and crispy taste and texture of bacon. Even the fat makes the meat product a comfort food sometimes, but most times I want to get rid of that.

There are many ways to use bacon strips in your menu. Bacon used to be only a breakfast meal, but not anymore. Nowadays you can incorporate bacon into nearly every dish you can imagine. Since analysts said we may run out of bacon, chefs and foodies have been adding it also to lunch, dinner, dessert and even some drinks.

In this post however, it is about how to use it as a breakfast meat without some of the fat. What I do is fry the bacon strips in a dry fry pan, that is, without oil. You'll be surprised how much oil you remove by doing that. Enough to cook another meal or add to another recipe if you're so minded.

Fry both sides for a couple of minutes each on medium heat

Arrange on your bread slices

You can eat this like this, with nothing else to get the best taste of bacon. You can also add lettuce and tomatoes for a more comprehensive meal. Enjoy the meal with fresh juice, milk, or a hot beverage like tea or coffee. Bon Apetit!


  1. Simple, I can try this.

  2. Always not interested in a bacon meal because of d fatty stripes. Your idea of frying in pan without oil is a really healthy tip. Will definitely give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing.
    BTW, loving your new blog layout.


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