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Basketmouth and Elsie Okpocha - A Happy Wife Gives A Happy Home

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Comedian, Bright Okpocha a.k.a Basketmouth and his wife, Elsie, dated for seven years and have now been married for almost three years. They share their story, and details about their marriage in this interview with Punchng.

How long have you been married?

 We have been married for two years going to three years and I must say that it has been blissful and feels like we have only been married for two days. Everything seems fresh.

When was the first time you met and who made the first move?

Bright: Technically, she made the first move if I want to judge by who said the first word to the other. I was promoting my very first show in front of her hostel. I was with Kayode Peters and my team and she strolled past and said ‘Basketmouth, I love your jokes’ and walked on. Then I ran after her and the rest is now history.

What was your reaction?

Elsie: At first, I was like, ‘is this guy for real?’ but when I saw the serious look on his face, I knew he wasn’t joking and I thought ‘Oh my goodness, how do I handle a celebrity?’

What was the attraction for both of you?

Bright: Honestly, what attracted me first was her beauty and charm. The other attractions, which are even more important, I realised after I got to know her better.

Elsie: For me, he was someone I had a lot of respect for. I remember when he came to perform in my school, and I also was presenting a drama on stage. While we were getting ready, I had to sneak out to watch him perform. He always made my day anytime I listened to him, and it is unbelievable he still does till now. I would say my attraction to him was  based on the utmost admiration for his talent.

How tough was it wooing her?

Bright: It was very hard. She did not make wooing easy. She started by giving me a wrong telephone number and eventually when I got her real number, she was a bit rude and dismissive. Meanwhile, I had assumed that because I was Basketmouth, I would get a better treatment but it just did not work with her. I used all my skills and with an enormous level of communal efforts from my friends. She broke up with me like three weeks after we started dating. I admit, I messed up, learnt my lesson, and had to start all over again. She was a tough nut to crack and right now, I do not regret putting every part of me into making us work.

Why did you give him a tough time?

Elsie: Well, it was a girl’s thing then to give a guy a hard time. Also for me, I just wanted to know how far he could go, if he really was sincere. Besides, I was not so sure about falling for and dating a celebrity.

How long did you date and how was the courtship period?

Elsie: We dated for about seven years and the courtship was not any different because we were already best friends.

What qualities did you see in her that helped you decide this was the woman for you?

Bright: She is kind-hearted, God-fearing, generous, patient, understanding, humble, loving, caring, trustworthy, intelligent, wise and more. Most importantly, she understands me 120 per cent.

Did you entertain any fears about dating and marrying someone in the limelight?

Elsie: Yes, but I did not let it bother me one bit. Instead, I just flowed with the beat when I realised that he would always be out there and as long as he gives me all the respect and love, I was good to go.

What has sustained your union?

Elsie: I owe everything to God and then again, we have been sustained by understanding, friendship, and love. Sincerely, God has been the rock in our lives. I owe everything to Him, He blessed me with the most amazing guy on the planet. My husband is my best friend, so, loving him comes easily even when he makes mistakes. It’s very easy for us to correct each other. I think our love is just perfect.

When you have challenges, how do you resolve them?

Bright: We dated for seven years before we got married. In total, I have been with her for nine years, so we know each other well; we know how we think and process things. This ultimately helps us not go through any form of challenge; I do not even believe in challenges.

Who is usually the first to apologise?

Bright: I think it’s me. I am very stubborn and I am a very difficult person to handle but I have come to understand that a happy wife gives you a happy home. That does not mean I apologise when she does anything wrong. Honestly, I am the one who ends up looking for trouble more and I do not hesitate to apologise when I am wrong. Her silence and frown are very lethal. We already know our weaknesses and strengths; so it is always easy for us to correct each other. Even when we have a fight, the next minute, we are already playing. I thank God for the wisdom He has given us.

Apart from apologising, what else do you do to appease each other?

Bright: Making her laugh is my smoothest and easiest trick. When that does not work, I turn to my wallet. I buy her gifts and take her on trips to exotic places.

Apart from being his wife, what else do you do?

Elsie: I work with him, I am a director in his company.

Are you sometimes bothered by the number of female fans he has?

Elsie: Whether I like it or not, these fans, male or female, have made him who he is today. I’m accustomed to it. He appreciates them but at the same time, he sets a barrier. Most times, when I go out with him and the girls come to say hello, I try to make them comfortable and even help them take pictures with him. I actually find it liberating when I do that.

Do you sometimes wish he were not in the limelight?

Elsie: Yes, sometimes, but right now, I am not complaining at all because he makes me proud.

How do you juggle your career with being a father and husband?

Bright: My career, fame and all do not get back home with me. When I am at home, I am Mr. Bright, the loving father and husband.

How romantic is he?

Elsie: In that aspect, I will score him an 80 per cent! There were times in the past that the romance used to fluctuate- it is expected in every relationship. Now he is very stable and getting better. I am still working on his romantic qualities to get to 100 per cent. What I get is more than enough, but as a woman, I will always want more.

As a couple how do you unwind?

Bright: Due to the life I live, I am more comfortable unwinding where people don’t know me. She doesn’t like attention and paparazzi, so if we are not at  home watching movies or going to our favourite restaurant to have dinner, we wait until we can get away and do what lovers do.

What are the most memorable gifts you have exchanged?

Bright: The best gift she has given me is she and my kids-those are just priceless. However, one other gift she gave me that really brought me to tears was my surprise birthday party. That was two years ago. She is very low key, which is why nobody heard about it. She went all the way. It was my best birthday party ever.

Is he also humorous at home?

Elsie: My husband is a different person when he is at home. On stage, he is entertaining because that is what he knows how to do best but at home, he is Bright, a loving husband who knows how to take care of his wife and kids. A father who makes out time for his kids and spoils them silly. I owe it all to God.


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  3. didnt know he had kids. Are they Elsie's as well? the boy looks older than 3years and theyve been married for 2.5


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