Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Woman Delivers Baby on Sidewalk in Front of Hospital

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Most babies either come quickly or take their time. However, most wait till mother is where she needs to be to have the baby, on a bed, bath, and with her birthing attendants. Some babies however don't hang about, it's time when it's time and they're coming whether you're ready or not. A Florida birth photographer shares her experience of one of such 'fast' babies.

Warning - Graphic pictures.
Amy Beth told me she went fast with her first daughter.

She told me she tolerates pain well.

Knowing those things, I thought it would be cool to meet at her house for a “follow along” to the hospital.

I was confident that she wouldn’t be a 24-hour sort of labor. She would wait at the house as long as possible and then we’d get the show on the road when it was time.

Well, little did we realize the show would REALLY be pretty much on the road. By the time we arrived at the hospital, baby was ready for arrival.

She wasn’t panicked. She was amazing!! And just as calm and collected was her midwife, who was miraculously waiting at the door for us when we arrived.

Dad rounded up a wheelchair and it was the first time I ever saw a mother be wheeled INTO the hospital holding her new baby. Usually that happens a couple of days later, and the wheelchair ride is the way out…

Baby Sienna is absolutely perfect and beautiful. Big sis got to come by and say hello and give her a kiss. It was the fastest, most incredible, beautiful, wild birth I’ve ever had the pleasure to document.

Boom! Here she is!

Check out the photographer's website for more photos.


  1. WOW!!!!That's one strong woman right there!!!!

  2. Awesome God.

  3. I'm still oohing and ahing. God is awesome. Always


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