Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why I Hate School But Love Education

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Can I say that I do not completely agree with the message of this video. While the lines about mixed messages coming from authority is right on point, and while education and exams may need to be reformed and students given more room to explore their individuality, calling schools obsolete at this stage may be taking things too far. Some parts of the spoken word;

This one is for my generation. The ones who found what they were looking for on Google. The ones who followed their dreams on twitter. The ones who pictured their future on Instagram. Accepted their destiny on Facebook...

Someone said, "Give anything a rhythm and say it to solemn music and you'll sound powerful." And that is true a lot about spoken word performed. It's hard to know whether you simply like the performance or it's the message that touches you. The message in the quote above sounds very juvenile, but I shouldn't be surprised, the speaker is a young man.


  1. I totally agree with U, they speak from their juvenile point of view.
    Exams may not be the true test of knowledge but between the ages of 3-16, there is really nothing putting you under pressure, building you up to overcome challenges except exams.


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