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Top Nigerian Male Model, Ngoli Okafor Gets Married

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Ngo Okafor and Kindra Hanson

Ngoli Okafor is a top male and sports model, and according to his website, Getingo, "Ngo Okafor has graced the pages and covers of countless magazines and has been called the most downloaded black male model. As an actor he has worked on numerous TV shows, movies and Soap operas. As a boxer, he is a back-to-back, two-time Golden Gloves Champion."

What many don't know about Ngo Okafor is that he is a romantic at heart. He fell in love with his wife, Kindra Hanson at first sight. The couple met on a photo shoot back in 2004, but only started dating in 2008. They have been together ever since and got married almost exactly one month ago on April 13.

Even though they had been living together for three and a half years by August 2012, Ngoli's brand new bride, Kindra, still got a big surprise when he proposed in front of family and friends at their mutual friend's place. Continue for more pictures of the surprise proposal and the very cute story of how they met. Wedding pictures coming soon, hopefully :)

How they met by Kindra

2004---Ngo and I met in 2004 at a modeling job. We were booked to shoot the cover of a book called "When Souls Mate. " Yep, you read that correctly, in hindsight, it looks like fate had a hand in us booking this job together. Ngo was late and I was adamant about finishing on time because I HAD to be at work at 5pm. Well my hubby to be, finally arrived while I was getting my hair and makeup done and because he was late I was NOT impressed. Us Virgos, are always prompt, so me no likey!!

The art director whispered in my ear. "Oh, you are so lucky!" "Do you know that you are working with the most downloaded male model?!?" I said, "oh ok, well I have to leave at 5pm!" Lol!!!!!  The shoot finally starts and Ngo is told to "embrace me". Needless to say, along with the embrace came a whole lot of whispering in my ear and extra touching. He said, "Your skin is so soft." "You are so beautiful." Nice words, but I was annoyed.

In my mind, I was thinking, just do your job buddy, zip your lips, and watch those hands. The shoot ended, and I bolted out of there. Ngo asked which train was I going to take. I said the F train and he said me too. Insert grunt... He asked me for my number and I gave it to him, because these were the days that guys would call you right away to make sure the number was right. He dialed me two weeks later, and per Ngo I blew him off and he erased my number.

2005---I get off of the train at Union Square, rocking my Von Dutch trucker hat! Lol!! So, I see a lot of women standing in a big group. I was curious to see what the fuss was all about and then, I spotted a guy,with his shirt off in the middle of them. (Ngo swears that he was wearing a tank top, but I disagree). I immediately recognized the guy and it as Ngo!!!!! I pulled my hat down lower and walked in the opposite direction. --- Ngo told me later that he saw me. Funny right?!?

2006---I'm at work, hanging at the front desk and who steps off of the elevator???? NGO did! I couldn't believe it. Out of all of the gyms in New York, he just had to walk into mine. He didn't speak to me and I didn't speak to him. He was there to interview to be a trainer. He was hired and he started working at Peak right away.

2006-2008---We ignored each other at work and never spoke to each other. Yep that's right! We didn't speak to each other for TWO years!!

2008-- One Friday night me, Ngo, and John ( our BFF) were all working late. I'm usually never there at that time, but fate would have me there.  The three of us started to chat and we were cracking each other up. Ngo asked me and John to continue the discussion and fun over drinks at Mark't and we said yes . We had a BLAST!! I got to see Ngo in a different light and it turned out my initial take on him wasnt accurate.

I found him to be really smart, hilarious, and very open. I became curious about Ngo after that! We all said goodbye and that was that . The very next night my BFF, Gaby invited me to karaoke and told me to invite some friends. Well, I decided to ask Ngo to come. I went to the gym that day and of course Ngo was there working out. I was nervous to ask him out, so I made up a lie and asked him to borrow his headphones.

LAME!!!!! Well, he went for it, and I used them. A few hours later he came to get them back and I said " hey I invited some people from Peak to do karoake, and you should come! " We exchanged numbers and I sent him the info. I wasn't sure if he was going to come, but at least I extended an invitation. Forward to me, Gaby, and friends at karaoke and Ngo walks in. He was so outgoing and the thing that finally hooked me was, Ngo doing a duet with me on Nelly Furtado's Promiscious Girl. Done and done!! We have been together ever since.

Not done? Check out their wedding website for more...


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