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Top 10 Audacious and Creative Wedding Place Ideas

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By Jendy Grijalva

Congratulations - you're planning your wedding! One of the most important parts about planning this day is deciding where it will be held. It's likely that you want your wedding to be more than just "special" or "unique." A great way to do so is to think bigger - how about something creative? Audacious even? And what better way to make this happen than to play with the location? Here is a list of 10 places to hold your wedding that will certainly have the "WOW" factor.

1. Destination wedding
A semi-classic but still very unique wedding option is the destination wedding. The more classic way to do it is on a beach in a tropical location. This is always a great choice, but the phrase "destination wedding" also lends itself to be anything you really want it to be. You could go anywhere in the world to say "I do" to your sweetheart - India or the Paris!

2. At the Garbage Dump
If you're really going for unique, I bet no one you know has ever gotten married at the garbage dump! A positive side of this marriage option is that no matter what, you will never be overshadowed by the location of your wedding. You could use it as a political statement, if you're not necessarily into the whole flimsiness of a princess wedding.

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3. "I do" underwater
Love the water? Why not get married in it? You can now be married in full scuba gear under just about any surface of water imaginable. Just know that your vows might be a little more difficult to decipher via bubbles!

4. The McWedding
Believe it or not people are starting to become so passionate about fast food that they are getting married at their favorite fast food chains. McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Burger King are all apparently worth looking into for your fast food wedding - it won't be glamorous, but it'll be hilarious!

5. Funeral Home Weddings:
Some may see this as morbid. Others may see it as funny. Everyone will see it as unique - and let's be honest, the pictures would be unforgettable and the most likely to go viral. You may end up the subject of a meme on Tumblr with this locale!

6. Bungee Jumping
If you and your spouse to be are the daring type, then the bungee jump wedding might be for you! The ceremony is relatively the same, except for the fact that you will be hooked up to cables. After the "I do's" you will "take the plunge" together, figuratively and literally.

7. Mount Everest
If you can handle the climb, then Mount Everest could possibly be the coolest place in the world to get married - but this is only for serious climbers. If you love trekking and so does your spouse-to-be, what better way to show you love each other than to tackle the largest challenge in the world?

8. An Ice Chapel
You may want a combination of traditional and bold wedding locations, and the ice chapel is the perfect combination of the two! Visit Quebec to use their chapel made entirely out of ice. Your love is sure to warm up the scene. You can find other versions in Europe.

9. Wedding in the Sky
Mid-air wedding sounds like something made up, but you can actually recite your vows thousands of feet up in the sky these days. Whether you're skydiving, parasailing or base jumping, you can easily have your wedding in the air if that's the route you want to take. You could also charter a jet and have the whole event in the air - look for airline discounts on parties!

10. They say Marriage is a Roller Coaster
Weddings are thrilling to begin with, but how much more exciting would it be if you were with your spouse to be on a roller coaster reciting your vows? Nothing can really compare to the exhilaration you would feel at that moment. Just try not to throw up ;)

Jendy Grijalva writes about all things related to marriage. Her recent work is about the best counseling degrees online for those who want to be a marriage counselor.

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