Thursday, May 16, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Pencil Thin Eyebrows

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My first winter, but not here. I arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland in September 2006 and by my birthday, it was already much colder than I had ever experienced. When I first put this picture up on Facebook, people said I looked like a Muslim because of the head wrap and scarf. Fact was, I was on my way out and they were protection from the cold. That was how I dressed most of that winter, lol...

Oh yeah, and back then, I used to shape my eyebrows quite thin. Yay or Nay? Now I would say nay, but back then, it must have been a yay. Why did I change the style? Story for another day.


  1. Your thin brows were not so bad lol

  2. like seriously, you looked like one Hajia who just came back from hajj, lol... thin eye brows were invoke then shei? not bad at all

  3. not bad at all. you need to see some people even in this day and age. lol

  4. Nice brows. Why didnt you continue?


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