Friday, May 17, 2013

Scandal Finale - Life is not a Romance Novel, and Other Memes

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After watching Scandal last night, I was like yeah! But some of these meme pictures highlight some of my other emotions. I will still write a recap. For now, enjoy...


  1. LOL! My thinking exactly...

  2. AS in.....i stayed glued to my seat till the end. it was unbelievable!! but really that line 'life is not a romance novel' by Cyrus Bean really made a lot of sense. going to watch it again ryt

  3. In fact eh!!! This Shonda woman! How can Albatross be her dad??

  4. My jaw was glued to the floor after she called him dad! Like, warrahell???

    I can't believe Shonda's leaving us hanging like this :( It's been a while i've been this hooked on a series

  5. Love love love the 'life is not a romance novel line' I was like *pause* that's genius!

    I was really really happy that the season was ending on a suspense free note no cliffhangers no nothing. I was going to wait for the next season in peace... free of HBP and then she goes 'dad'... chai! Beht why?


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