Wednesday, May 29, 2013

POLL - Open or Closed Bathroom Door For Couples?

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The times Atala came to visit me while we were still dating, he stayed with me. That was when I first considered the issue of open or closed bathroom doors. The doors remained closed that time, and for the first few weeks of our marriage. And then slowly, they began to open. The slide to open doors began as we had more and more showers together and it has been shifting to other activities too.

Some couples, whether in their earlier stages of marriage and living together or even after years have passed, continue to keep the door closed. There is no one size fits all, but I'm just curious.

Fill in the poll below. Some explanations :)
number 1 - Pee
number 2 - Air
number 3 - Poo


  1. I am not married yet but the first time I had my bath in my boyfriend's house, he knocked, asked if he should come in and we bathed together. At first, I was shy but when I noticed there was no condemnation verbally or action wise I felt comfortable and this has been the norm. We are planning on settling down and I see a future with him because I have never felt comfortable physically or emotionally with my exes. Either they complain that I am too big and shd slim dowm or my tummy is big or I am too educated. They begin to monitor my eating habits and prescribing all forms of exercise that I MUST do in order to fit their TYPE of woman making me feel less of myself. With him I don't feel stifled like I did with the others.

  2. I think opening up when taking your bath is not that bad but poo? Please close lol @ least coz of d smell. It's Autotastic

  3. interesting article...I lived with the last guy i dated, we generally had the doors open all the time...sometimes i would yell for him to close the door when he poo-ed because of the funk as he always liked talking to me in that state...but generally we were comfortable enough to just do as we please...when the door became closed often...we knew it was the end


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