Sunday, May 19, 2013

Playing Hard to Get or Being Hard to Get?

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In the past, people used to seek mates who would “complete” them, but today’s singles are looking for something different. According to the study findings, singles are looking for a partner who can offer intimacy, companionship and personal fulfillment more so than financial stability.

They are looking for someone who is independent and well rounded, someone who will offer them companionship and fulfillment. This is partly because gender roles have expanded over the years. Women enjoy having their own careers and they no longer expect or desire financial stability from a mate. Men seem to enjoy this new setup as well, and they like having a partner who has her own life and her own interests.

Singles can apply this to their own lives by being hard to get, instead of playing hard to get. In other words, instead of pretending to have a fulfilling, well-rounded life in order to impress your prospective mates, why not just have one? By filling your calendar with your interests (whether those include social engagements, sports, charity events or the gym), you can ensure that you will stay active, engaging, and downright desirable!

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