Monday, May 6, 2013

Paul Okoye and the Paternity Issue

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I wrote about the news of Paul Okoye's first child outside of marriage last month, asking why it seems so common among young Nigerians that young ladies get pregnant before marriage. But getting pregnant and going ahead to marry or continue a relationship with your man is a different matter from carrying your baby to term and being abandoned by the father.

Recent news as reported by Sahara Reporters suggest that this may be the situation Elshama Igbanoi finds herself in with Paul Okoye.

A few weeks after welcoming his first new born baby in Atlanta, P Square – who is also known as P2 – had another baby delivered for him in a London hospital by a former beauty pageant contestant. However, this time, P Square has refused to claim paternal responsibility for the baby boy.

Our sources said the new mother had been in touch with P2, but he had not been forthcoming beyond telling her that he plans to arrive in London for a DNA test to ascertain paternity. SaharaReporters spoke to the woman’s father, Benson Igbanoi, in Abuja. Mr. Igbanoi stated that his daughter was faithful to the musician. He also revealed that he had sent several emails to P Square concerning his daughter’s pregnancy for him, but had received no response.

Another source said Elshama's family had contacted Paul Okoye's father and aunt to persuade the musician to accept responsibility for his baby. Ms. Elshama insists that she never slept with any man except for P2, adding that she lost her virginity to him when she was 17 years old.

In a twist to the story, a source close to the former beauty queen said Ms. Elshama was a close friend to Anita, the other woman who gave birth to another baby for P2 a few weeks ago in Atlanta, Georgia.

However, in the latest update to the news, Niyi Tabiti is reporting that Paul Okoye may be completely uninvolved with Elshama.

Psquare’s Paul Okoye has reacted to the breaking news that he abandoned his second baby mama, Elshama Benson Igbanoi in a London hospital. Speaking through his media rep on Sunday, Paul stated that it is a trivial issue because the allegation lack substance.

When contacted his media rep, he said the lady was not known to them and they are not going to glorify her with a response. The rep told told this reporter, "Are you sure this is not April fool?"

Well, I guess only a paternity test will tell. And I hope if indeed both had a relationship that Paul Okoye steps up to the plate and submits his DNA for the procedure.

Whatever happens, this may be a lesson for young unmarried women.

1. When engaging in premarital sex, use protection
2. When you get pregnant, quickly notify your man
3. Make a decision about the baby's future as soon as you can. Abortion is an option though I would all choose life.
4. Be prepared that the man may deny you an reject your baby. If he accepts, carry him along all the way
5. Be prepared to be a single mother, and that is a lot both mentally, physically and financially.


  1. I feel bad for her, this is not a time that any woman wants to be rejected, but a baby can't hold a man, so it is best to have your children with a man who has committed to you spiritually and legally.

  2. How about to just practice abstinence. At 19, you have ur whole world out there, ready to unfold. We should learn to be responsible for the choices we make. I feel sorry for neither party. I rmb back in my secondary days, they used to tell us then oranges and pineapple are sweeter when they are ripe, and that helped me get through my growing up years.

  3. Why will he consider DNA if he had no affair with her. Stupid people.


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