Sunday, May 26, 2013

Most People Will Remain Friends With Their Ex

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Our last poll indicates that majority of people will remain on friendly terms and in contact with their exes. This was the resounding result according to a sample of 130 people who responded to the question, would you remain friends with an ex? Split almost evenly, more than 70% said they would either be friends or acquaintances with their ex. About 25% were not as chill and easy about ended relationships. 4 voters were not joking at all, to them, an ex is automatically an enemy. See the breakdown below.

Yes, if break up was amicable  37.69%  (49 votes)

Maybe distant acquaintances  36.15%  (47 votes)

No, whether good or bad  13.85%  (18 votes)

Not if he broke my heart  9.23%  (12 votes)

Any Ex is automatically my enemy  3.08%  (4 votes)

You can also read this post about whether one should get back with an ex. Next Poll coming up soon, leave some suggestions in the comments if you have any topic in mind. Thanks for taking part in these polls.


  1. I am friends with most of my exes, it is just 1 that I don't see my self been acquitance not to talk of friends with.

  2. I don't see the reason people would like to be friends with their exes. If that friendship was so important, why didn't you both put in more effort in making the relationship work. I can only conclude that most people do not understand the definition of friends. I voted no, whether good or bad. It does not mean that we are quarreling, however I am not going to constantly give you updates about what is going on in my life, neither am I interest in yours. For me, it's just a cordial relationship. I have nothing against you, and if we accidentally bump into each other, we say hello and keep it moving. That to me does not define someone being your friend or even an acquaintance. I'm just curious to read from people who voted for friendship, so I can get a definition of what they really mean as friends.


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