Friday, May 10, 2013

Michelle Obama Answers - What's Your Ideal Mother's Day?

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Michelle Obama, after signing copies of her new book, American Grown, in a Washington D.C. bookstore, revealed  to TODAY that she's blissfully planning a quiet Sunday. “I mean, like any mother, I get to sleep in, or for me, it's wake up when I feel like it.”

She says the rest of the day will consist of a workout, spending time with her mom, and deciding what’s for dinner. “My mom and I pick our meal. So we decide what we want to eat that day. So it's our choice.” Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama's mom lives with them in the White House, and I'm guessing that like most mothers around the world, they rarely get to choose what's on the family menu. So this would surely be a treat :)

Asked to finish the sentence, “My mother taught me…,” Michelle Obama replies. “What my mom taught me and continues to teach me is patience and good humor and common sense and openness. You know, my mom is such a good listener. And she has taught me that one of the best things I can do for my daughters is to listen, not talk or always give advice, but to be there with an open ear and a warm hug and an understanding heart because I still find myself going up to my mom's room and just talking to her for hours about any and everything. And that relationship keeps me whole, not just here as first lady in the White House but it has sustained me throughout my entire life. And if I could be half that mother for my girls, then I will have done a good thing.”

That's a great relationship she has with her mom, and I totally agree with her!

On her book, the first lady said the response has been “really good”. American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America, which is her first ever book, came out last May when she was a bit busy with the presidential election campaigns and therefore couldn’t do as much publicity as she would have liked to do.

She is flagging off a real book signing tour this time, and signed more than 200 copies at a Washington bookstore on Tuesday, which was her second-ever book signing. She urged the crowd to “Buy away!” ahead of Mother’s Day.

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  1. Good things to teach patience, good humor, common sense and openness.


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