Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Men May Commit Even if They Don’t Feel Love

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A lot of people will be surprised to learn that men will sometimes commit to marry their girlfriends even though they are not necessarily romantically or sexually attracted to them. According to a study by Match.com,

Men are more likely than women to be willing to make a commitment to someone who has everything they are looking for in a partner, but whom they are not in love with (31% of men and 23% of women) and willing to make a commitment to someone who has everything they are looking for in a partner but whom they don't find sexually attractive (26% of men and 22% of women).

The truth is that even though men are often regarded as scared of marriage and commitment, they also have dreams of getting married some day and having a wife and kids. Also, men are just as susceptible to peer pressure as women are, and if they see all of their male friends and peers getting married, they will feel a desire to do the same. This is much more so when their current girlfriend is putting pressure on them to walk down the aisle.

However, the fact that a woman is able to get a man to buy an engagement ring, or even make it through to the wedding doesn’t mean that everything is OK. In the long run, both men and women only get to a place of love and commitment when they are ready. The best thing anyone can do is to allow their partner to come to that place on their own steam and never try to force love.

Whether you manipulate a man with lies, or kicked him over the hurdles with a pregnancy, or just by wearing down his reluctance like water on a stone, the likelihood of such a relationship working out to long term happiness is pretty low, unless of course there is outside help. So, instead of ending this on a downer note, I want to say that it is still possible to work on such a marriage to yield a good outcome.

The man must have seen some other things he liked in a woman before he goes ahead with a marriage. The task in such a scenario would be to key into those things and try to maximize them.


  1. I have always been a proponent of relationships where the man feels more for the babe than she does for him. A guy can make a girl fall for him more easily than a girl can do otherwise. Don't force a relationship on a guy/trap him into one......not to mention marriage.

  2. And some ladies will be feeling very smart/powerful..cause they wore him down. lol

  3. Interesting, I think if I m not careful I will become one of these men. I m single but I have put a deadline on what age I want to be married so it simply could be a case of I propose to who I am dating at the time. Sigh. Hooe I love who I marry and dont allow my rational and engineering mind guide me.


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