Monday, May 13, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio is Definitely Not The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a great book. I enjoyed it when I read it, a long time ago to be honest, and I am looking forward to seeing it at the cinema soon. Two of the reasons drawing me to this movie version is Baz Luhrmann directing and Leonardo DiCaprio playing the title role.

After falling in love with his portrayal of Jack in Titanic, I've been a fan, and it's easy to think he's the same as the characters he plays on the big screen. That is, until you see pictures like the ones below.

Warning, you might be traumatized. :)


  1. Oh no, those pictures didn't traumatize me... THEY BROKE MY HEART!

    I didn't realize it sef but yeah even I thought he lived his life as Gatsby daily lol.... ah, I want the last 60 seconds of my life erased now lol.

    I actually thought this was a movie review from the title and thought it meant the movie bummed. I was traumatized, but thank God it's not chai, I for die

    1. Hmm...honestly, he shouldn't do this to us, LOL... Review coming soon.


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