Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Holy Ghost Fire Burn The Calories! Nigerian Woman Prays Over Her Food

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You just have to listen to this woman's prayer as she blasts all the cholesterol and calories in her mountain of oatmeal and vegetable soup. It must be a joke, I can't believe anyone prays like this, or do they? LOL...


  1. OMG! can't just stop laughing, like serious?. Then I've got to try one for my self.

  2. This is so funny, the woman is not serious, she better reduce the mountain of food lol

  3. lol!!!! funny..

  4. Hahahahhaha this woman is too funny, liposuction of the calories abi? lmao

  5. OMG! Laugh don kill me die. Downgraded from garri and foo foo to oatmeal indeed. Lol


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