Wednesday, May 1, 2013

High School Students Hold Integrated Prom in Georgia

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Race in America is still a touchy subject even in 2013 with the President being black and having won his second term just months ago. Dating across race lines is even touchier. While no one should be coerced into dating outside their race if they don't want to, there are those who do, and yet feel walled in by decades of racism and segregation.

Students of Wilcox County in Georgia bucked against the trend last weekend when they pulled off an integrated prom. For as long as anyone can remember, according to CNN, "Wilcox County High School hasn't sponsored a prom for its 400 students. Instead, parents and their children organize their own private, off-site parties, known casually as white prom and black prom -- a vestige of racial segregation that still lives on. Mareshia and her friends bucked 40 years of local customs this month by organizing their own integrated prom, a formal dance open to Wilcox County's white, black, Latino and Asian high school students."

I salute the students courage. The report goes on to say that some of the prom organizers have lost friends in the process, but they also got the school to reconsider their stand of no proms. Kudos to them, and they all look amazing.

Pictures from the integrated prom FB page.


  1. I cannot imagine that people are still segregating bloody proms in 2013. That's just insane to me, but I know it happens, especially in the south! Makes me feel blessed to live in the most diverse neighbourhood in toronto.

  2. It;s honestly mind boggling that some states in this awa america still practice some form of segregation. You know some housing developments do not agree to have blacks in their units?


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