Monday, May 6, 2013

Guess What The Hairy Snail is?

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I have received dozens of messages on Facebook, Twitter and Email about my posts on oral sex, from calling my Nigerianness, faith or respectability in question, to giving or asking me more details on how to give good head, but I did not find any of them as funny as this twitpic someone RT to me on Twitter.

Indeed, it seems Nigerians, and even traditional types speaking in their local language, do know what oral sex is, even if they use a different vocabulary for it. The picture above is a screen grab from a Yoruba movie with subtitles. Let's overlook for a moment the way the actors are dressed, the whole hairy snail business, idk, but it got me choking on my drink, in a fun way sha, lol...

Who has heard that before, it was my first time :)


  1. omg I watched this movie recently. I THINK it was called Ija Ashewo. The movie wasn't all that but I laughed for long when I saw this part!


    It does look like a snail somehow though. Although, not all "snails" are hairy.

    Gawsh I should totally use this as slang and teach my friends :D

  3. Lmao..I guess it is a hairy snail, it does get slimy and it takes its sweet time to build up a tempo.


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