Friday, May 17, 2013

Dear Myne - Is It Time to Move On From My Boyfriend?

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I seriously don’t know what I am planning to do with the next phase in my life. I am 28. And, I seriously need some suggestions so that I can move forward in life. After reading through your blog posts I have come to a conclusion that I write to you and check the reader’s feedback. So that if the guy I am currently seeing is not for me am leaving everything we had aside and moving forward with what life has to offer me .

The guy am talking about has some issues. We met each other two years ago and have been in a relationship since, but unlike any other normal guy he doesn’t act so.

Can anyone imagine that he’s not responding to my calls. (Forget about responding he has blocked my number in his phone also, because when I try to call him its always busy, but when I try from other’s phone it gets connected). So, he even blocked me in Facebook. So, for some time now we don’t even have contact with each other.

The other issues that concern me are why is he acting so mean? I have never met any of his friends till now. When he is with me, he never talks about us together in the future. I don’t know what he expects from me.

And since we met, it is very rare that he calls me - maybe he has called me only four or five times in the last two years of our relation. We don’t meet frequently too. We meet each other only once in a month even though we live in the same locality.

I call him daily thinking that I can connect with him. But he gets frustrated though. He makes excuses that he has a lot of work.

Once he told me about his one and only ex who cheated on him. So, I think it was harder for him to love any other person beside her.

Of lately, he is pressurizing me to get married soon to some other guys. I didn’t understand him. I told him to be frank and tell me the reason he wants me to leave him but he denied that was what he meant. So, I am clueless again.

Finally, I think that he is embarrassed to introduce me to his friends or family members. Till now, we have never gone on a public date or a walk together in our area.

I am not sure what he thinks of me or what is his definition of marriage or why is he been so skeptic of. I just want to make things clear but again he doesn’t pick my call. Help me, please.


  1. Sigh, don't want to be harsh, but read through what you have written down. Does this sound like a "boyfriend"? Please cut your losses and move on, you are not in a relationship with this guy. Work hard on yourself, you are worthy of great love.

  2. I would have saidb break up but there is no relationship. So I'll tell u to have some love n respect for u and move on

  3. I'm not sure what else you want to hear. You've answered the question yourself from the story you have told. Please move on. The sooner you leave this guy the better for you because every time you 'waste' with him is time that the right person for you would have used to find you.

  4. It is sooo obvious this guy is not that into you and the problem started from when you started the relationship (sorry! Everyone has been saying there's no relationship) He probably lost interest before whatever it is you have with him started, but didn't want to come out straight about that because he probably felt guilty for leading you on in the first place. So he decided to act it out which is really immature of him, he wants you to leave without him having to say so, he doesn't want to be held responsible for jilting you, so he's hoping you can catch the drift. You chasing after him with calls and all that is totally a bad move, the writing on the wall is clear enough, he doesn't want you. But hey! Shit happens, not every guy would have to be totally interested or want you especially if he is not 'The One'. You are more valuable than this. Move on, focus on loving God, love yourself, make sure you have an independent life too, then any man who won't treat you right would have to think twice.

    1. Thank you Mjady...

      Yours words are really encouraging..

      I am the one in question here.

      Oki I have realized what a great, great, great FOOL i have been all this time and how much time i wasted in this unnecessary confusion. Now i feel much more relieved.

      After reading ur comments, i am totally happy to see beyond my rose tinted glass. Sometimes, it's hard to realise things even if you are a grown up. And, the same happened to me.

      Now i feel so much embarassed for confussing things.

      Thanks once again for making me that i am more valuable.

  5. I want to die with laughter. Babe...this is the harshest I have ever been in a comment but girl!! You re high on something.
    You are not in a relationship
    you are not in a relationship
    You are not in a relationship
    Infact you were never in a relationship .

    Move on and stop stalking this poor guy. Its obvious he thinks you are being a pest if you have been blocked on his phone and Facebook.

    Move on and find someone who wants you. Who calls you 5times in a DAY.

  6. #deep sigh. Ginger spoke my mind

  7. Great article. I am dealing with many of these issues as well.

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