Sunday, May 5, 2013

Couple Love - David Oyelowo and Wife on the Red Carpet

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David Oyelowo is a British actor of Nigerian ancestry. I've seen in several movies including Last King of Scotland, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Jack Reacher. I was reading about him the other day and discovered that he is always on the red carpet with his wife of 15 years, with whom he has four children. He never misses taking her along for events. She is an actor also. So sweet.


  1. As a Nigerian married to a non-Nigerian I am fascinated with other Multicultural Nigerian families. I wonder if his children have Nigerian names, eat Nigerian food and consider themselves as part of the Nigerian diaspora? Seems like I am about to have another google search distraction for the next 30 minutes ;)

  2. They look cute together!

  3. They are lovely. He was great in Red Tails too. So proud of him. Did you see him mimicking his mother on the interview on OWN? Too funny!

    --Folake Taylor


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