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Adventures of a Miss! Episode 12

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I was still in shock in the kitchen and didn’t know what I was going to do. I might as well make my exit now before I am thoroughly embarrassed. Bolaji opened the door and went after Muhammad and since I could not hear what they were saying from the kitchen, I quickly ran upstairs. I grabbed my things, came back down hoping they were still outside so that I would be able to make a break for it through the back door.

Bolaji: “Where are you going?” he startled me because I didn’t see him in the corner of the dining room. “I’m going home” Shit I just remembered my car was still at Semi’s place. “I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t hear what Muhammad said to you so no need to act innocent.”

He sighs and holds his head in his laps and for a second I thought I heard crying so I went closer to him and tried to lift his head from his palm. “Bolaji, I am sorry, I swear I was going to tell you right before Muhammad rang the bell; I swear.”

He just kept staring at me, I wasn’t sure who he was angrier with, Muhammad or me but he was angry, very angry. “Toke, after all I have done for you, I honestly can’t believe it. Where you sleeping with him while we were dating?”

I didn’t know whether now was the time to say the entire truth and bruise his ego a little more or tell a lie to make the situation more appeasable. I decided I wanted Bolaji back so I’d say or do anything now to fix it, Muhammad I can deal with later. “No, babe I promise. I met Muhammad way before you and everything had ended before we started dating. I kept telling him I had a boyfriend and he didn’t believe me until we met him at that conference.”

He looked surprised and rubbed his head once more “So you’re saying Muhammad knew we were dating and was making advances at you?” he wasn’t asking a question rather it was a statement like he was sure Muhammad was capable of it. “No oh, I mean like he was still trying to get with me even though he knew I had a boyfriend but when he found out it was you he backed off.”

I didn’t want to dig my hole deeper but since I decided playing the victim was the way I could possibly stay in this relationship I blurted out “Babe Please you have to believe me. Muhammad and Zainab want to separate us and I am not even sure why.”

I then went into detail about what Zainab had put me through, her deal and her threatening me and always calling me and how the party was meant to expose her to Muhammad so she could leave me alone. I even showed him text evidence where Zainab had specifically mentioned that she was going to destroy my relationship with him.

“I can’t believe all this was going on and you didn’t tell me.” I could see the frustration on his face like he was trying to decide what to do next.

“I really understand that everything that happened wasn’t your fault but I can’t stay in this relationship. I can’t imagine why you would sleep with a married man and you say you didn’t know but I doubt that. I know Muhammad and he was very open about the fact that he was married at least with women I’ve seen him interact with.”

“Bolaji please, I am begging you. “ I get down on my knees and start to cry and beg him. “Please I love you and all this was just a big misunderstanding.”

I really loved this man and this is not how Imagined we would end. “I didn’t know Muhammad was married until you introduced me to Zainab, I would never hurt you.”

He kept rubbing his head and I don’t blame him because all of this would give me a headache as well. “Ok but Toke, if anything happens from now on, we have to agree to share and talk about it cool?”

“Cool” I said, jumped up and planted a kiss on his lips.

I was very surprised as to how quickly Bolaji forgave me and everything seemed to return back to normal except from the occasional reference to the fact that I had slept with his friend. We started planning the wedding with no one else but the two of us knowing what had transpired with Muhammad that night.

Everything seems perfect at the time and with the wedding coming up in two months, we had enough on our plate.

I was walking down the altar thinking is this really what I want when I overheard a girl who was later identified to be Bolaji’s ex talking to her friend saying she can’t believe that there’s any woman out there willing to marry an sterile man. She was sure he hadn’t told me and she was right, it was the first I had heard about this.

First I have to live and love a man who is always going to hold the fact that I had sex with his friend over my head and now we won’t have children to show for all this?

While the pastor is preaching and quoting bible passages that talk about love I lean over to Bolaji and whisper, “I know you’re sterile so I hope you know that someone else will have to be the father of our children if not I’ll get up and tell everyone here why I won’t marry you.”

With a nod and a tight squeeze of my hand, I knew he agreed and with that I had leverage again.

The end


  1. Wow! An abrupt but suspense filled end. I've enjoyed this story, the twists and turns.

  2. Not quite was I was expecting.I love the story but I dunno bout d end.

  3. Choi! the twists and turns. this story can't just end like this o. Pls Mirian complete it

  4. Why marry like that? :S

    Hmm personally this doesn't cut it for me though.

    A story is a story i guess so nice story line but I really don't know about this latter part.

  5. hmmm..nice story. Had me captivated although it ended like a typical Naija movie..

  6. i love the suspense thruout this series but i wasnt expecting the part where to be so sudden and then i really loved the fact that u took the suspense way to the end...in all it was a beautiful though short story...Thumbs UP

  7. I read every line from Episode 1 -12. Very interesting.
    I can see a marriage built on conditions and paybacks.
    Very Good piece.

    1. Thank you, i appreciate you taking the time to read and enjoy it.

  8. Moriam well done.buh were u in a hurry to complete d story? D ending wasn't well constructed.thumbs up thou.


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