Thursday, May 2, 2013

Adventures of a Miss!! Episode 11

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I might as well tell him now, I mean since we are both on this honesty road it might make things a little easier. Will the fact that Bolaji slept with Zainab aver 8 years ago matter when comparing it to the fact that just a couple of months ago I was still out with Muhammad?

At the time, I didn’t think Bolaji was taking me serious though, I thought I was just the poor girl he was dating that he knew he could impress easily till he found daddy’s business partner daughter to marry. I am so confused, I don’t want to lose Bolaji, and it’s not because of the money. In the past, I had to keep my emotions bagged up because I thought he would eventually dump me but I realized once I let all my feelings for him manifest, it was the most amazing thing.

Me: “I have something to tell you but like you said you have to listen and not try to fight me as well. So a couple of months ago…”

Who the hell is knocking at the door at this time and interrupting a conversation that took all of the liver in me to bring up? Bolaji gets up and walks past me to see who is at the door but I couldn’t hear who it was since I was in the kitchen. I walk closer to where I could see without been noticed after I heard shouting and surprisingly it is Muhammad.

Bolaji: “Guy how far?”
Muhammad: “Dude can I stay here for the night? I swear if I go home, I will kill Zainab and dispose of her body where no one will find her”
Bolaji: “Wait Wait” he’s trying to keep him calm but Muhammad looks like he could kill someone right about now. I decided to stay where I was instead of joining their conversation so as not to interrupt what Muhammad was about to say.
Muhammad: “Dude like this girl has been cheating on me, I am not even sure if the baby she’s carrying is mine.”
Bolaji: “How did you find out though? Calm down.” Muhammad is like breathing hard like he was taking his last breath at every draw, I could only imagine how angry he was.
Another knock on the door interrupts my thought and what Muhammad was saying. What is going on here and what is this place turning into? Bolaji goes to the door and he must have thought it was Zainab because he opened the door with a lot of caution. “Oga I need to move Oga Muhammad’s car so that it does not block the gate” it was the gateman so all was still good at the Bolaji Palace.
Bolaji: “Oh, pass your key” he looks at Muhammad who hands him the key. He comes back and takes a seat opposite Muhammad. “Ok I’m listening”
Muhammad: “So I went home right to change for the dinner and after it was cancelled, I decided to go to The Spot since Zainab said she was hanging out with her sister. I wish I had just sent the driver but I was too hungry and wanted to just eat. Tell me why I walk into The Spot and Zainab is like on this guy’s leg drinking and smoking.”
Bolaji: “So what did she say she was doing there and who’s the guy?”
Muhammad: “I left; if I got a hold of her I would have killed her on the spot. Do you know how embarrassing it was?”
Bolaji: “Just calm down mehn, want a drink?”
Muhammad: “Please!”
Bolaji: “Dude honestly, Zainab isn’t even someone to be stressing yourself over, I know she’s your wife but she’s been cheating on you”
Muhammad: “Wait what? How do you know that?”
Bolaji: “Ok let’s sit and talk this out, I saw Zainab with another guy today, she was all over him and kissing him. She didn’t know you were going to be at the party so I sent him away. I’m not sure if it’s the same guy you saw but there have been several other guys”
Muhammad: “Are you kidding me? So when were you going to tell me”
Bolaji: “I’m telling you right now, I mean she’s your wife so I can’t pass judgment but honestly I don’t think she’s worth the stress she’s giving you”
Muhammad: “Are you sleeping with Zainab?”
Bolaji: “Wait what? I’m telling you that I saw her with another man and you’re asking me that, what does that have to do with this?”
Muhammad: “I’ve seen the way she looks at you Bolaji, I just don’t say anything”
Bolaji: “Dude your wife is a psycho, no offense. We had a thing back in Uni but that’s it.”
Muhammad: “But you never told me that, that’s my wife though”
Bolaji: “I know but still what would it have done, broken you guys up? It’s not like you guys had a solid marriage anyways with you always cheating on her”
Muhammad: “Oh so you’re the one to judge?”
Oh my God, what was happening, I am silently praying that Muhammad doesn’t mention our past relationship. Bolaji would flip out and I would not be able to face him at all.
Bolaji: “I’m not judging, now just seemed like the best time to tell you what I know”
Muhammad: “You know what, since I’m such a cheater, tonight is the perfect night to find myself a piece of ass for the night”
Bolaji: “Common, you don’t have to do that”
Muhammad: “Just FYI Mr Perfect” he got up, downed his drink and said “I slept with your fiancée much more recently than you did Zainab so she’s not so perfect either” and with that he turned away, walked out and slammed the door. I almost melted into the floor; my life was truly over, this time for real.


  1. How come it takes so long to update each episode. The suspense is killing.

    1. Sorry Anonymous, I'll try to post regularly. :)

    2. Great Job Moriam I am impressed:)#VF

    3. Pls try.................ds suspense is mkin me lose weight

  2. Omg I almost feel from the chair,please upload next episode....

  3. I mean "fell"not feel,pls upload next episode,you really know how to make some one crave for more.

  4. Wow, that is just a terrible blow from Mohammed...kai, it haf finish.

  5. Criosly it takes so long,are we gonna wait till nxt weekend for d nxt episode?suspense is gud buh its getn 2 long tho

  6. yawa has gass!!!please be fast n sending the next episode

  7. i really wish i can stop reading this story cause is too intresting to miss an episode which doesnt came early,atimes i have to check old blogs so as to be sure have not miss any episode.
    This is so terrible mohammed don break the pot i wish she has confess earlier ooo well hope she is not dreaming sha.


  8. I must say uя a vry good writer . .can't wait 4 †ђε next episode

  9. Next episode plssssssssssssssss

  10. Awesome work. Wonderfully scripted. I am impressed beyond words.


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