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30 Things Every Woman Should Know By the Time She Turns 30

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By Oluwaseyi Obasi

We already shared a post here on what every woman should have by the time she turns 30. However, in addition to what she should have, there are certain key things a woman should know by the time she turns 30. Below are 30 things she should know by the time she turns 30.

1. That she doesn’t need anybody to reassure her that she is beautiful – A woman should know that she is beautiful, no matter what anybody says.
2. Basic accounting skills – Money and bills are a normal part of your life. Wouldn’t it be sensible to know how to handle them?
3. How she feels about marriage and having kids – This is one of the biggest and life changing decisions of your life. By now, you must have made some resolutions concerning these two areas.
4. How to fall in love without losing herself – Falling in love is beautiful and ecstatic. By the time a woman turns 30, she should have fallen in love enough times to do it without losing herself in the process (I never said it would be easy).
5. When to try harder and when to walk away – I encourage people to do their best and put in that extra effort. But it’s also wise to know when what you need to do is walk away, not try harder. That doesn’t make you a failure.
6. How to bounce back from a broken heart – You will definitely have a broken heart. Learn that it’s not the end of the world. You will always love again.
7. The knowledge that she can fall in love again - Don’t be afraid of losing the one you love, because believe it or not someone better is going to come into your life.
8. The friendships to keep and those to walk away from (and not take it personally) – It is wonderful to maintain friendships but it is also wise to let some fade away. Some friends are meant for a lifetime and others for a season. Make sure you know the difference, and don’t feel bad about it.
9. How to tell if he’s husband material – Is he the man of your dreams? Can you wake up to him every single day of your life?
10. The best way to break up with a boyfriend – The fact that a relationship doesn’t work out doesn’t mean you should turn nasty. Be the bigger person. Break up with him but don’t break him up.
11. That she is not always right – As you get older, you realise that you can be wrong sometimes.
12. What she can and can’t accomplish in a day…a month…and a year…- Be realistic in your plans and your expectations of yourself. Pace yourself and give yourself space to grow.
13. That marriage is not a bed of roses. She may need to work on it – Realise that the wedding is not the marriage. Marriage is a beautiful institution….but it requires work.
14. That she can survive any tragedy – Life will knock you between the eyes. Anticipate it, but face it with the knowledge that you are an overcomer.
15. Where to go when she needs to re-energise herself – Everyone needs encouragement every now and then. Have somewhere you can go to get some encouragement.
16. What she would and wouldn’t do for love….promotion……and money – They say everyone has a price. Do you know what yours is?
17. The power of her tears….and her laugh – A woman’s laughter is like a fountain of life, really refreshing. Her tears should melt any heart. Use both of them wisely.
18. 90% of everything on a particular subject – You should be able to discuss intelligently on a particular subject.
19. How to enjoy her own company – Learn to like yourself. Sometimes you may be all by yourself. Make sure these times alone are invigorating and productive.
20. How to give and receive compliments – Everyone loves a compliment. Give it freely and honestly too.
21. That it doesn’t matter where she was born; she can be anything she wants – It doesn’t matter where you started from. What is important is where you end. You can still be the best no matter where you may be coming from.
22. Where to buy cheap but good stuff – Expensive doesn’t necessarily translate to quality. Shop around. There are so many places to get good stuff without robbing a bank.
23. All she needs to know about breast and cervical cancer – These are two of the greatest killers of women worldwide. Learn the signs, symptoms and prevention.
24. How to deal with cramps – You don’t need to break down at that time of the month. A hot water bottle and ibuprofen can do wonders at this time.
25. Some self-defence moves she knows how to use – Learn some basic karate moves. You don’t know when you might need it.
26. How to flirt without appearing cheap – Use appropriate words and body language to let him know you like him. But maintain your dignity no matter what.
27. Basic time management tips – As a woman, you would be juggling many balls. Learn how to juggle them without dropping any.
28. That she must wash her face every night before bed – Get rid of all makeup before you go to bed. Your face needs to be clean to rejuvenate during the night.
29. How to get rid of bags under her eyes – Bags under the eyes can be a sign of stress. Placing a cold slice of cucumber over your eyes can work wonders. There are other remedies. Learn them.
30. How to make a budget….and use it – You need to know where your money goes every month. A budget will help you plan your expenses and bring your spending under control.

Now it’s your turn. What else do you think a woman should know by the time she turns 30?


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  1. I think you've listed everything.

  2. My inner feminist is screaming here but...

    31. How to cook anything that would make ANYONE come back for second, third or more helpings. And yes, it can be any kind of food.


  3. Only one thing. How to make a happy home.

  4. Please i dont know whether i can get a woman good to marry any where in this place not a woman that will not marry me because of my tribe like my ex-woman. By name frank from

  5. By thirty, a woman must determine her style; what she wears, where she goes and what traits she looks out for in relationships!


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