Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Widow of Boston Bombing Suspect Speaks Out

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A few days after the one of the boston bombing suspects was killed, and the other taken into custody, it was revealed that the older brother was married to an American woman, Katherine Russell Tsarnaev. She had been brought up Christian and had converted to Islam after marrying Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and she also was quite devout and observed the muslim practice of covering her head with a scarf.

This had made a lot of Americans to come out hard against her, and also to other people who may be married to other religions and cultures, and assimilating into them. I don't think that is a fair call or judgement to make, this is just one case and should not be extended to every person marrying across cultures or into Islam, and also no one knows at this time the full details of what happened with Katherine Russell's husband, how he was radicalized, and if she knew what was going on.

Well, her lawyer, Amato DeLuca, released the following statement this afternoon.

Our Firm is representing Katherine Russell and she has asked us to make a short statement. As you know from news reports, Katie married her husband in June of 2010. Since then, she has been living in Cambridge, raising her child and working long hours, caring for people in their homes who are unable to care for themselves. Katie grew up in Rhode Island and has always remained close to her parents and sisters here, as well as her extended family. She is fortunate to have the support of her loving family now, as they struggle to come to terms with these events and the deep sorrow we all feel following the events of last week. Meanwhile, she is doing everything she can to assist with the investigation.

The injuries and loss of life – to people who came to celebrate a race and a holiday – has caused profound distress and sorrow to Katie and her family. The reports of involvement by her husband and brother–in–law came as an absolute shock to them all. As a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, Katie deeply mourns the pain and loss to innocent victims – students, law enforcement, families and our community. In the aftermath of this tragedy, she, her daughter and her family are trying to come to terms with these events.

Her family had initially released a short statement too.

So, Katherine Russell is not just a widow, she has a three year old daughter too. I wish her the best, this is just a horrible thing that has happened, and it won't be easy for her. And though it's hard to imagine that they all lived in the same house and she didn't find out about all the bombs and explosives in the home, I just hope that was exactly what happened. It would be doubly tragic, especially for her child, if she did.


  1. What exactly does she want? Our sympathy or to be put above suspicion, or she truly sorry/innocent?

    1. Exactly my thoughts.......'Pity me stories'....All i know is, a friend to an enemy is an enemy...By extension, a wife to a terrorist is a terrorist.She should just own up and be referered for psychotherapy, instead of being found out and risk jail terms as an accomplish. I mean, how do you live with a man who has bomb in the house and you try to claim ignorance? The world isnt that dumb mrs!

    2. So she is guilty by association. You know that is an ad-hominem fallacy right? If she knew something, you do know she would have been arrested right? so in essence, the same argument can be made: Boko Haram terrorists are Nigerians. Therefore, all Nigerians are terrorists. Doesn't sound so palatable now, does it?

      People can't satisfy you all. If she didn't say anything, she would have been crucified. Say something and she is still crucified. Out heart bleed but let us focus on the perpetrators. And not their families.

  2. Myne,i think i understand why people are coming hard against her.Islam,as it is now,is associated with VIOLENCE.I personally know the religion is a peaceful one,but there are bad eggs among them who are tarnishing the good image of the religion.However,i feel the good muslims aren't doing a good job of speaking out against the bad ones.Thesame happens in Nigeria and other parts of the world.Muslims all over should speak up and condemn the bad ones who are rubbishing the image of their religion.I feel sorry for her though and hope people will get to realize she's not the guilty one,but her husband is.


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