Sunday, April 14, 2013

Where to Meet Potential Dates in the Morning

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This came as a search query and was taken to the post I wrote on meeting potential dates online and offline here. I decided to take it up and list some specific places to hang out in order to meet dates. I guess the person searching specified morning hours as opposed to the evening or night, as those are easier with bars and parties. But morning hours are not ruled out for meeting a potential date. Check out the following tips, and add yours too.

The most important thing is wherever you end up, keep your eyes peeled and a smile on your face. Also, you have to be sure to only hang out in places where a potential date who shares that interest will be to your liking. Landing a date with a bookish type at the library will not work out in the long run if you're the run in the park type.

1. Coffeeshops - In the US, starbucks are ubiquitious, like 2 for every block here in the Seattle area. Drop by for your pre-work cappuccino or for a mid-morning snack.

2. Parks - Maybe it's time to take up jogging or running. Do it at your local park, or along the streets in your area if they're safe enough. You can also just hang out, when summer comes, with a book and drink, or invite friends for a picnic.

3. Gym - Add an early morning work out to your schedule and keep it regular. That is if you're the active type, and looking for a date who shares that interest.

4. Bookstores - Go to your nearest bookstore and don't be shy to strike up a convo with a guy who catches your eye. Also attend author events and book readings, etc. Don't forget to buy my book while there :)

5. Library - This works a bit like the bookstore, and will contain mostly the same kind of people. And yeah, ask the librarian for my book too :)

6. Church - Go for the early morning services of your local church or fellowship whenever you can

What would you add?


  1. I think the point about wanting to meet a date in the morning is that it feels safer. Your ideaa are good and I would add any kind of museum, art gallery, skating rink etc. It really depends what the person wants to do. I think it might be too soon to invite somebody to your church if they are not already a member. Maybe keep that for the 3rd or 4th date?

  2. Amen for #6 lol... Coffee shops definitely would do the trick the only problem is that most normal people pre-coffee and that early in the morning are too lazy to walk into the coffee shop so I know lazy people like me just drive-thru *covers face*


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