Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Wife Diaries - Episode Three

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I shrieked, pulled the trench coat tightly over my breasts and took the stairs up, two or three at a time. I flung open our bedroom door and ran straight to the bed to hide under the sheets until the humming in my ears ceased. I was so embarrassed!

As I lay under the covers basking in my utter humiliation, feeling sorry for myself and wondering what my husband was thinking, I heard the door crack open slowly.

“Babe..?” My husband said quietly from the door. “You okay?”

I shook my head and brought it up to look at him. He was standing just inside the door, a worried expression with a slight hint of amusement sat on his face. He peered at me curiously and his lips shook as he tried to bite back a laugh.

I sank back under the covers and cringed.

I felt the bed sink low as he came to sit next to me and rub my side through the covers.

“So um…care to explain what just happened down there?”

“No…” I whined.

“well, Felix thinks you’re hot…”

“Oh my gawd, that was Felix?” I groaned. Felix was his super flirtatious partner at the law firm. I had only met him twice but every time I did, he always tried to do runs on me. Usually I laughed it off, but I remained wary of him and it definitely does not help that he has seen my body now.

“This is bad..” I muse.

“‘Don’t worry I kicked him out. He thinks I’m the man now though... doesn’t hurt.” My husband chuckled, “but you. Are you okay? Tell me what’s going on? Please?”

I sighed. “I wanted to surprise you coz you were so worried this morning so I cooked and took a bath and wanted to be all sexy for you when you got back…”

“Aww baby” He hugged me through the sheets, “you’re adorable.”

“Not really. Freaking Felix has seen my body, you do know that I cannot look at that man the same now, right?”

He laughed “Don’t worry, he could barely see anything. I was in front of him and if I didn’t see much, he definitely didn’t see much too.”

I thought about this. My husband is taller and wider than Felix so that could technically be right.

“But he saw enough to know I was naked,” I sulked.

“Babe, I think what shocked us both was you in a trenchcoat and a bowler hat, posing like some madonna as soon as we stepped into the house. It was a tad unexpected if I should say.”

“Don’t you care that another man has seen my body though?” I semi-sat up.

He lifted up the sheets and came to lay by me under the covers.

“I’m chill about this right now because I know he saw nothing. If you were butt-naked up there, flaunting my stuff to him, I wouldn’t be too cool, trust me.” He kissed my neck.

“It was an amusing sight though, believe me.” He started laughing so I poked him in the ribs.

He grabbed my hand and brought it to his lips, kissing each of my fingers slowly. Then his kisses trailed down my arm and unto my shoulder to my neck, where he kissed and bit it.

He lifted himself on top of me and continued kissing my neck, using his hands to draw open the coat. Then he moved down to my breasts and I smiled in anticipation, especially when his kisses trailed further down past my belly button. Who said Naija men don’t do that? My husband does and he’s good at it too!

Needless to say, we made love and stayed in bed talking for a good part of the evening, before we went downstairs to have dinner and then returned to bed again.

It was three a.m in the morning and I was in my husband’s arms. We were sprawled naked and satisfied under the sheets, dreaming, when I heard loud beeping.

“Babe..that’s yours.” My husband’s sleepy voice pulled me out of my reverie.

“Huh?” I reluctantly sat up and sure enough my phone was the one screaming and vibrating like a wild banshee.

“It’s three in the morning... who’s calling you?” He sleepily inquired.

“I don’t know.” I reached for the phone to see who was blowing it up at this time. It had better be important.

“It’s Nkem!” I was surprised. By now she should be deeply asleep, resting from a long, hard day chasing after my godson. I quickly picked up the call,

“Babe..wassu... ”

“I’m on my way to your place, please let me in. Biko, please” She had been crying, I could hear it in her voice. My throat caught up and my mind flooded with all kinds of scenarios.


The Wife Diaries was first published on Naijastories by IntheQuiet. Check out her portfolio here, and you may find some more installments of this series too :)


  1. Vry intriguing wow

  2. This right here is the reason why I hate series. I hate that I've started cos I know it will have an end soon *or a pause* and I don't quite fancy the idea of waiting for the next one... amazing writing. On to the next one


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