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The Wife Diaries - Episode One

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"What do you want?" I asked him.

I was kneeling on the edge of the bed, sitting back on my heels, watching him. I cocked my head to the side in a 'I'm listening' pose. He sat back against the headboard, looking at me from under his eye-lids, shirtless in his boxers. I watched his lips as he licked them and watched the muscles in his arms flex as he put his hands behind his head. Still watching me.

"What do you want?" He asked me, jutting his chin in my direction.

I didn't answer.

"Come here"

I crawled in between his legs and sat back on my heels again. He smiled and looked at my body.

"I like what you're wearing" His voice changed, telling me of what was to come if I let it.

"Thanks. It's the one you got for me, remember?"

"I remember," He looked at my breasts spilling over the top of the peach negligee I wore and licked his lips again, this time slower.

I laughed on the inside and smiled on the outside letting my hands roam lazily and seductively over his thighs. He stiffened a bit and brought his hands from behind his head, reached out for me and pulled me closer.

"I know what I want," He whispered

"You do?" I whispered back in an innocent tone.

I let his fingers go down by back and his thumbs stroke my belly while he rubbed my waist. He nodded in answer to my question and began pulling at the top of my panties. I giggled again on the inside. This was too easy.

"Babe?" I said quietly

"mm-hmm" his eyes were trained on my bottom half, I could tell he was figuring out ways to get me to shut up and get with it already.

I raised myself up on my knees, my breasts at his eye-level, and went closer to him barely brushing my body against his. Then with my index finger on my right hand, I stroked his hard chest.

"We need what I want." I said it slowly, deliberately.

He stopped and looked into my eyes. I could see he was trying so hard to hide his impatience.

"What do you want?"

I leaned in and kissed him. His left hand brushed my face, stroking my cheek and from the corner of my eyes I could see the wedding ring on his finger. It shone bright, caught by the sunlight streaming in through the window. I took his hand in mine and nursed it between my hands, looking down at the matching rings we wore. Gold and Diamonds. That day still brought a smile to my face.

"Babe, you good?" He asked me, concerned.

"Yeah" I brought my face up and smiled at him. "It's just that I..well.."


He finally allowed me get a job. I shake my head at the amount of seduction it took to get him to say yes-albeit in the throes of passion, but it was a yes all the same. To re-inforce his already-made decision, the next morning I incorporated a lot of pouts and innocent eyes, reminding him that as my husband his word is law and I knew he never backed down from his promises. Poor guy, I could see the self-conflict he was having on the inside, but he relented and that same morning I started applying for jobs.

I know he can provide for me, I don't have to work. Since we got married a year ago, he urged me to quit working and it sounded like a good idea at the time because I was tired. I wanted to be free from the pressures of being the financial manager at a very demanding company and just be a wife. Alas, a year later there were no kids so my staying at home began to make less sense. It was time to get out.

"you're wearing that?" My husband came out of the bathroom, bare chested and a towel tied around his waist, eyeing me with disapproval.

I was at the vanity on the other side of our bedroom, applying mascara. He looked yum, I smiled and turned to face him.

"Yeah, why?"

"Isn't that skirt too tight?" He strode over to the armoir to retrieve his body lotion.

"Nope. Don't think so. It's professional" I looked down at my black high waisted skirt.

"Can you even move in them?" he muttered

I walked over to him. "yep" and to tease him "can you see my underwear line?" I turned around and leaned forward.

He sighed. "That skirt is tight sha" He looked like a dejected kid forced to rub lotion as he pressed the bottle.

I finally understood what was happening. So I took the bottle from him and squeezed some into my hand, gave it back to him and helped him with his back. Touching him was turning me on, I love that he works out, the feel of his muscles melted me.

Suddenly he turned around and dropped the lotion on the floor, then he put his arms around me, grabbed my bum and pulled me close. I was familiar with this; it was his 'you're mine and better know it' gesture.

"Babe, I'm wearing a jacket over the blouse and I promise it will distract from the skirt" I gently told him, rubbing his chest and looking up at his gruff and disgruntled face "It's just my first day, I want to look presentable"

He was willing himself to believe me, I could see it in his eyes.

"I don't like this," he murmured sternly

I dropped my hands, "but we've talked about it. I will be back home by the time you get back"

"Why do you want to work for somebody? you could start a business and work for yourself" His voice sounded pained

"I know, but I need experience and while I do this, I'll start thinking of ideas"

"I'll pick you up from work then"

"So what happens to the car I take with me?"

"Then let me drop you off"

"But you're not dressed yet and I have to be there at eight"

He sighed and dropped his hands from my waist

"Babe, what are you afraid of?" I asked him, circling his beard with my index finger.

After a long pause, he looked into my eyes and said "it's just that.."


LOL...this is for those who can't wait for Adventures of a Miss which is coming soon. The Wife Diaries was first published on Naijastories by IntheQuiet. Check out her portfolio here, and you may find some more installments of this series too :)


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  5. Nice story and i have gone ahead to read other parts at naija stories*wink* how far with the miss episodes now? Waiting o,thanks!

  6. Very nice story so eager to know what happened to miss.

  7. Oh my, I couldn't stand the dialogues in Adventures of a Miss for some reason. But this? This is heavenly... on to the next episode lol


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